Marcel Bellefeuille Head Coach??

I think Marcel Bellefeuille would be an ideal head coach for Ottawa in 2014 and beyond! He is from Ottawa knows and understands his players and is a good motivator for a team and as a Ti-Cat fan when Marcel was in Hamilton he gave many Canadian players an opportunity to play and perform and I think he would do just the same in Ottawa, focus in on good starting Canadian players and talent and I wouldn't be surprised with Marcel if he had a Canadian QB as a starter or certainly as a back up player like a Kyle Quinlan or someone else?

I'm sure by the time that 2014 rolls around there will be many good players available to Ottawa through other teams in the CFL, free agency, NFL, collages, drafts and so on?

Marcel would bring an urgency to win to Ottawa and much needed pride in being from the area which all good building blocks for the new Ottawa Franchise in the CFL!!!

Canadian QB as a starter?? are you serious? do you want them to go 0 - 18 ?
Did Marcel have a Canadian QB in Hamilton? The only way that a Canadian QB is going to start or even back up is if they come out of NCAA system. No way a CIS grad will start or back up.
They need to sign a winning, veteran starting QB, someone like a Ricky Ray or Burris that would go more towards a winning season than a CIS player.

Ottawa needs to hire a a "winning" head coach not hire a coach because he was local or was a succesful CIS coach.

He did bring in Kyle Quinlan as an underclassman QB when in Hamilton.
He may be the one to give a Canadian QB a real chance on the roster. Sinopoli played for the Gee Gees, Marcell coached the Gee Gees during his career, Marcell is from Ottawa, Sinopoli has already been a #3 CFL QB for a full season his rookie year and was first on deck last year when injuries struck and he is still young

Maybe he would give an NI QB a shot, but I'd be shocked if an NI QB was the starter out of TC, if only because of the bias against NI QB's.

The HC coach should be announced by November, depending of course where that guy is currently coach or if he's out of work.
If Desjardins has NFL/NCAA coaches on his HC list then no HC until January/Feb.
If he only has CFL types then November, all depends what he is looking for in a first HC I'd expect Desjardin is looking for CFL experience though.

Yeah Marcel deserves a chance. Let 's let him f**k it up before we write him off.

S*it just realised how cynical that sounded. I mean let's let give himself a chance to prove himself before we judge him.

Hire Tom Clements as the new head coach. I think that would be a brilliant move.

Do you have a few $$ millions to spare? The Ottawa's Team don't.


What do you mean they don't have $$ to spend?

Other than the reasonable assumption that Clements can make more as the OC for the Packers than he can as a head coach for the Ottawa, he's 59 years old and nearing the end of his career in football. While I won't say that's too old for a coach, I will say that it would be unusual even for the CFL to hire someone that old as a head coach. Ageism exists, especially in sports (although not in Saskatchewan apparently).

Age should not be a factor of selection over intelligence. Bryan Murray of the Ottawa Senators is his 70’s and still going strong. Clements is one smart cookie and furthermore would be a great bridge builder between the old Rider fans and the new ones as he is a part of Ottawa football history.

I want Lou Holtz for the coach. Marcel Bellefeuille comes across to me as being a pantywaist.

George Cortez was 60 as a first time HC for the Cats last season, while Ken Miller 67-70 years old for the RoughRiders (08-011) thus would not be a stretch to hire the 59 year old Clements who had a glorious history and HOF career in the CFL.

You are likely correct in that he may make more as the Packers OC than a CFL HC.

From what I gather, HC's in the CFL top out around $500,000 or so, and approx. $250,000 on the low end depending on past experience/success.

Kent Austin may be the lone exception on the top end though as he turned down a $600,000 per year contract from the RR's in 2011, only to sign with the Cats in late 2012.

Maybe the second go around will help Marcel become a better HC?

Speaking from his time in Hamilton, Marcel Bellefeuille is exact the coach Ottawa needs for it's first three years. Marcel turned Hamilton around and made it into a competitive, playoff making franchise during his stay (until Cortez wrecked the place). He will get you the players you need, and build them up and make the team competitive.

After those three years though, well we managed to make it to the Semi-Final once under him, so he did show improvement as a coach, but we still ran 9-9 or worse. Consistency was a problem under him, so I would say sure, sign him for the first three years and see where he takes you.

Why would they sign him? why didn't Montreal sign him when they were looking for a coach this year?
Just because he's from Ottawa? No they have to go after a winner and the will go after the best coach available and they will be looking all over North America. The coach will be someone with NFL experience. Marcel may get a job in the CIS somewhere but it will be a long time before he becomes a CFL head coach again.

Look around the CFL at current assistant coaches and that is where the next HC will likely come from, hired at the end of this season. My guess: Chris Jones.

The Sun's Q&A with Marcel Desjardin

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What about Joe PaoPao as head coach? He knows Ottawa too, he's been there and he's more qualified than Bellefeuille, he has been a CFL Head Coach, assistant coach, now a Head coach of a CIS team.


Gad..I hope you're being sarcastic here. The last time Paopao was in Ottawa, his Waterloo Warriors got totally shellacked 61-0 by the U of Ottawa Gee Gees. We saw him both at half time and after the game and he just looked clueless.