Marcel Bellefeuille Effect ??

While watching tonight's game, I recalled that I read a Paul Lambert interview before our season opener against the Alouettes. Paul said that the Als Offensive Line felt that they had a lot to prove this season after their dismal performance in 2007. They felt responsible for the fact that Calvillo got sacked a lot last year, and was physically beaten up before the end of the season. But Lambert also said that the O-line did not feel that their physical talents were eroding, but a lot of the schemes that Marcel Bellefeuille was using put extra pressure on the O-line and resulted in the dramatic increase in QB sacks last year. He concluded by stating that he hoped their new offensive playbook would correct a lot of those problems.

Does this sound familiar?? Our O-line was supposed to be one of our strengths this season - they are struggling. Now I don't think that we can attribute 100% of the problem to the Offensive Co-Ordinator, because on several plays our O-Line (including All-Star Marwan Hage) demonstrated that they could not make the adjustments to deal with simple defensive line stunts. That has nothing to do with the OC.

But on several occasions Glen Suitor pointed out situations where the Tiger-Cat receivers failed to make the proper adjustments in response to Alouette blitzes that should have been easy to recognize. This meant that our QB (Williams this week, Printers last week) didn't have a selection of hot receivers to throw to; this, in turn, meant that our QB was running for his life much of the night. This is clearly bad coaching. Moral of this long story?? For the second year in a row we have a scape goat named Marcel !!!

The 'Cats have exactly 6 days to correct this problem, because if I am Rich Stubler / Kavis Reed I am going to blitz the hell out of the 'Cats until they prove that they can deal with it.

Oh, and by the way . . . we can no longer ask "where are the screen passes to the RB's to combat the blitz packages" . . . they tried a screen pass to Lumsden early, but it was poorly executed by Williams and resulted in the 1st interception of the game.

We've been down so very damn long, that it looks like up to me . . .

I have read some other threads that suggest that Marcel should be fired in favour of Danny Mac . . . let's not get carried away here.

But when Charlie Taaffe was initially hired by the previous Marcel, Taaffe was touted as an offensive genious who was going to bring a lot of creativity to the Ti-Cat offense. If that is indeed the case, I think that Charlie needs to sit down with Marcel (the second one) and iron out the offensive playbook issues that are contributing to the gaudy sack totals this year . . .

8) Paul Lambert sure would look good back in a TiCat uniform again !!!
Another guy we let get away a few years ago !!!                     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

It is time for Obie to sit down with these chuckleheads and get a specific plan together that will reverse the teams current fortunes. BEtter have a good plan for Thursday night, otherwise we will get SMOKED.