Marcel B to Tiger-Cats as offensive coordinator

I've seen horror stories about this guy's offence from others from Montreal and Saskatchewan. I hope this isn't another bad move. This will be the fourth season in a row the Ticats have had a new offensive coordinator in.

It was reported in the Star today.

I just want a team that throws deep more often! I dislike the short and lateral passing game that so many teams now run. But I've heard this Marcel guy is one of the main people for that system.

You like the deep ball? Say goodbye to it for as long as Bellefeuille is OC.

Having endured one year of Bellefeuille in charge of my Als' offense, all I can say is: brace yourselves, Ti-Cat fans. It's not gonna be pretty.

yup.. good luck in 2008 Ti-Cats...

so long, long ball!

hello quick 3 yd passes!


Heres the Play book

1st Down Pass 2 Yards
2nd Down Pass 4 Yards
3rd Down Punt.

With Marcel's short game, you might as well bring Danny McManus back to replace Printers as QB! :lol:

Here's the expanded playbook:

1st down: Shotgun hand-off to stationary running back running up the gut. Expected gain: 2 yards.

2nd down: 5-yard out pass to stationary receiver who gets crushed by a closing DB. Expected gain: 5 yards or incompletion, depending on whether your receiver survived contact.

3rd down: Punt.

Something tells me that Casey Printers isn’t going to get along very well with his new OC.

Last year we saw Moreno going ballistic about his DC…that will pale in comparison to what’s coming.

My thoughts exactly Madjack. Here, Hamilton brings in a scrambling QB (Printers)that can throw the ball deep. Is Marcel going to make him take a 3 step drop like he did to Calvillo?

Hamilton fans be scared. Be very scared!

Reporters have speculated for several days now
that Bellefieuille will be hired by Hamilton.

This reporter Matsumoto has gone out on the limb
that the others were standing on and cut it off

by stated that Bellefeuille has...signed with the Ticats as their offensive co-ordinator.

Does he know something the rest of us don`t?

Buratto's back, Thanks to Als

Boatmen's offensive co-ordinator misses
out on top job in Montreal

Dec 18, 2007 04:30 AM


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Steve has the same opinion as the rest of us.

"If they were going to hire anybody
as an opponent he's the right guy,"

said Buratto yesterday in a telephone interview
from his off-season home in Boise, Idaho.

Who knows, he might have success in Hamilton as they do have a very good group of runningbacks and that would be a big part of his ball control offense.

The system he ran last year in Montreal didn't make sense to me because he took away Calvillo's play calling and they didn't have a proven runningback.

He did alright in Saskatchewan, it might not be exciting or pretty, and you're pretty well screwed if you fall behind in the game, but it won more than it lost.

As much as I love to see Casey show his athleticism
by escaping the pocket when a play breaks down,

and see our receivers learn to break off their routes
and go to open spots OR EVEN LONG to help Casey out

like he and his receivers did at Ivor Wynne
when he was with B.C in the 2004 season,

a simple ball control Offence like that,
to start the season, would be a good way
for Casey and his team-mates to get in sync.

Although I am glad to see him gone. I don't understand how he can sign with Hamilton when he still has a year left on his contract

Popp must have given him permission to make a lateral move.

no remember.. a new Head Coach, usually has his own set of assistants..

so Belle was likely let go.

so are we gonna hire him or not? anything is an upgrade to last years offensive co-ordinator. We had 2 passing plays with our old o- co-ordinator, the incompletion and the 6 yard in or out. Did i also forget to mention the sack? we need something new, and hopefully someone with some creativity. I would rather watch incomplete deep balls all season than last years offense.

I think it might work ok with Bellefuille. We have good receiving running backs (Lumsden, Caulley) who could catch out of the backfield, which fits well with Bell's system. We also have Murphy now, a former RB who could probably catch the rinky dink 3 yard passes and run for a few yards on top of that.

This guy must do a great interview, as he's been a bust wherever he's coached, but keeps getting new OC posts?

You mean like the one that Chris Bauman dropped for the win at Edmonton? Yeah. I remember when everyone was really happy to watch that one. I was pretty sure that the word in Hamilton on nearly every thread was that it was Taaffe's offence in Steeltown, and that he called the plays after about Labour Day. I thought the OC there just coached the RBs. I mean - it makes perfect sense for Hamilton to fire the guy who coached Lumsden, Caulley, and Davis. That is a very Hamilton thing to do!! Fire the guy who coached the All-Star. :lol: :lol:

Hamilton will have had 5 OCs in 5 years which means the job is a death sentence. I mean this year's guy only got like seven or eight weeks if the rumours are true. Half a season? Why would anyone want that job? To get fired? To never build on anything? Clearly that is why they had to hire a guy with only one year of CFL experience last year - because anybody who knew the CFL wouldn't touch that job!!

re sportsman wrote-With Marcel's short game, you might as well bring Danny McManus back to replace Printers as QB! ---------------- K.C will do what ever he pleases anyways LMAO- I hope :roll: --- Actually there is a reason for CFl O.C,s to attempt the run and shoot/ west coast/ Offence, its the CFL Defences!! in the previous era--- Flutie ,Ham Dunnigan,etc CFl d,s had to adjust, and they Did (not Hamilton) -CFl D,s are more advanced than NFl D,s in stopping the pass IMHO---