Marcel and Charlie make Montreal Stronger????

Ticats GM Marcel D and Head Coach Charlie Taafe make Montreal much stronger by sending Maas to the Al's and we get Piercy??? I guess we also get rid of Jason's huge CFL salary of $350,000 but you would think that the Cats would get more for Maas than Jeff Piercy?? Oh well it's that typical Ti-Cat logic we have been a custom to give up a starting QB to a team in your own division for an import full-back?? That makes a lot of sense, how about Piercy and a top reciever or lineman, shows you ow much Jason was really worth, I guess.

Start planning for next year, lets see what 2008 brings??? Another long off-season starting in September!!!

8) Jeff Piercy is a Canadian Fullback, not an import !!! That in itself is a bonus for us, since he also is a very good special teams player. I can sense a trade coming in the near future involving one of our Canadian backs however !!!!

I thought this was the 2nd best move we made so far.
With Bishop back we have a better chance of catching the Als than the Argos, especially if they use Maas at QB.

I'm preplanning another Montreal trip in October now.

We could have sent Maas Home with a top D linemen Abdullah rushend in return and we wouldn't be helping a devision rival. Good trade :thdn: :cowboy: