Marc Trestman's new "Arctic Circle Offense"

Does anyone have any information on the new offense that Marc Trestman installed this year with the Alouettes??? Marv Levy called it the "Arctic Circle Offense" during the Mtl - Tor preseason game last Thursday when they interviewed him.... Was he just joking or is this what Trestman calls it??? What kind of offensive formations is he using this year.... He said he was going to install a different type of offense that the CFL has never seen before when he got the head coaching job so I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about this???[/b]

As long as it it anything you want!

I think Marv was having a bit of "fun"...

But then again...


MONTREAL - Former CFL & NFL coach Marv Levy was in Montreal last nite to be honored by the CFL Montreal Alouettes during their pre - season game with Toronto... It was also the first game as Montreal head coach for former NFL offensive coordinator Marc Trestman... When Levy was asked about Trestman's new innovative offensive sets that he has implemented with the Alouettes, Levy called it "The Arctic Circle offense" because of the way it looks from the pressbox... It's basically the QB in shotgun with two RB's on each side of him and another RB and FL behind him all forming a circle starting with the center... The backs have the option to stay in and block, stay in for draw plays, stay in and take handoffs, flare out to the flats for screen passes and laterals or take off down the field for pass plays... It's one of the more unusual offensive sets I've ever seen in all my years of watching pro football... Trestman had stated that he was going to install a new innovative offense in Montreal when he got the head coaching job and he certainly did this with his "Arctic Circle Offense"...

No offense to Trestman, but you can't build an offense around one look. I'm sure he's got more in the ol' bag of tricks than that. :slight_smile:

Apparently he is known to be a Offensive Mastermind. I was told he was the creator of the West Coast Offense.

He coached all those years in NCAA, in some ways, I see some similarities between NCAA and CFL rather than CFL and NFL.

I think we'll see a different, yet, effective offense this season. If he can make Rich Gannon a league MVP, why not A.C?

I'm prepared to see some whacky plays, not seen in the CFL yet. What they did last Thursday worked, and I don't think they did their best plays either.

I like the idea of using the option with tight-ends set. I'm sure Trestman is having a blast with the motion and extra player. I think this is why Keeping was brought in. Keeping or Vilimek and Carter blocking should give Calvillo some serious time and these guys have good hands as well so you can do a lot of wild things with that. I call it "Downtown Jumbo" LOL

On defense it looks like Proux will take over FS.

They are having Hunt practice at MLB. I don't think of Hunt as a run stopper. He's already very light for an OLB... I'd rather see Ferri there but I guess they are still experimenting. Maybe they'll sub at the MLB position based on the situation. They can bring guys in during the season to evaluate for the MLB position I guess.

The roster is starting to take shape...

Hey, whatever happens, I think we can all agree that our offense will be much more entertaining to watch than Bellefeuille's patented "run up the gut on first down for two yards, then a five-yard out pattern to stationary receiver, then punt" attack. :slight_smile:

The offense won't be a problem providing the Oline is Ok or better and Payton is healthy and improves, right now he's hurt and that leaves 3 "smaller" RB who haven't proven anything.

Special teams well cover teams and return squads need tons of work but till they finalise their roster there isn't much they can do.

Defense: it looks like the front four is covered , DB's deep. Safety ok as long as Proux stays off the injured list...
Outside LB we are rich. MLB we still don't have our man. So the als are vulnerable down the middle but they know it so at least they can scheme with that in mind.

Looks like most vets won their jobs. Only guys on the bubble or in danger are : Ellis,Fritz, Stala and Stewart

Als may be forced to trade one or two receivers if they can. Its not easy but there are a few teams in need at receivers and they have no prayer of getting one of the Als cuts with Hamilton being first dibs at waivers.

Then there is Keeping and Hunt who have barely practiced. Tough to evaluate new players in those situations.

Good assessment HfxTC. I too think trading a receiver (or maybe even an OLB) to get help at another position (MLB, safety, D-line, or O-line) might be advisable.

Agreed, but since Hamilton has first pick they can get one of our receivers or LBs that don't make the team that way, so we won't be trading with them. Too bad, since they would seem to me to be the ones most in the market for help in the receiving corps.