Marc Trestman working with Tim Tebow

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Just thought it was an interesting story with a slight CFL angle to, I guess I'm just really bored.

Marc Trestman, who coached Bernie Kosar in Cleveland and Steve Young in San Francisco and who worked with Tebow on the mental game earlier this month, said coaches can't simply throw out Tebow's intangibles because he doesn't necessarily fit in a predetermined box. "There is no formula," Trestman said, "for greatness."

I just read the article,thanks for the heads up. So if Tebow doesn't get to play QB in NFL does he go to Momtreal with Trestman to hone his skills?

Regardless of his views on whatever...good for him for standing up and being counted.
Good to see that.
His life in football may be a bit tougher because of his"take it or leave it" approach but I admire him for breaking the young NFL QB mold. Looks like Trestman has no problem with it which says a lot about him too.

Now that would be an intimidating thought for DC's in the league: Trestman replaces Calvillo with Tebow?

I wonder if a CFL team has him on their Neg list?

In the good old days the Argos would sign a guy like Tebow and be proclaimed the Grey Cup winner in June. We need something like that to happen again, to get some football interest back in Toronto.
Difficult to do now with the SMS, unless the owner wants to spend money to create interest.
It didn't work with Ricky Williams but IMO would have created more ticket sales if Ricky had been able to start piling up 100+ yard rushing games. Probably the reason Kent Austin was fired, because he wouldn't change the offense to try and make that happen.
But if the NFL teams are thinking of him more of a TE or H-back and he wants to play QB. Well money talks, if the B of Gs allow it.

Having Tebow in the CFL would be great. It would especially be good for a market like Toronto.

Tim Tebow in the CFL ????

This guy had one of the best college careers ever .. I am pretty sure he will land on a NFL team. There is BIG TIME talk here that the Jags want to pick him up .. but that may be media wishful thinking. Then some of the "football insiders" are trying to write him off because of his playing style. He's one heck of a good rushing QB ... and never once did i see him do the don't hit me i'm scared feet first baseball slide when a defenseman got close. He does have to get rid the college ball things he's picked up ... like the hand clap before the snap in the shotgun. But for the other stuff the media is picking on him for .. like dropping his arm before the pass and his accuracy .. idon't think it will be as bad as they try to say he probably wont be thrown out there as a starter.

I may be a bit biased the gators are a team of choice here ..even more popular than the Jags. And since Tebow is considered a local boy ..thats creating the buzz about the Jags picking him up to create a bigger fanbase's a dumb reason to pick up a player .. the cats did that with lumsden ....but people want to see it.

But in all seriousness ... i can say almost without a doubt he'll be picked up by a NFL team.