Marc Trestman to be named Bears HC

They won a GC with Tracy Hamm and 3 with Calvillo. I'm sure the next QB will be competitive. Guys like Calvillo come once a generation in a franchise if our lucky but it does not mean the team will become a bottom feeder.

Tracy Ham (one 'm' not two) is in the Hall of Fame; Calvillo is in the conversation as the greatest QB to ever play the game. There aren't many that can compare to either of those guys. Just being competitive will maybe get you into the playoffs, but you guys have been spoiled with championship appearances and the next guy might not be able to deliver that.

But as long as Popp and Calvillo are there, I feel confident saying the Als will be fine. Once Calvillo leaves, maybe we can start to wonder. But until I see Montreal at 6-12 and out of the playoffs, I'm not going to go predicting their demise.

Yes Ham sorry. No question. All I ask is that the organization is well run and supported (Ownership) so that it is competitive. I’ve always said my dream season would be one where every team plays .500.

Just to be clear, I in no way am saying this is the end of the Al's reign of terror. Just throwing a question out there to see what other's opinions were.

All I've ever known is the Alouettes as a powerhouse, so I will believe their reign is over when I see it.

Allouettes have always been able to bring in a very qualified person to steer the the ship , after the shock of Trestman leaving , cooler heads will sit down and take an overall look at the next 5-10 years for the future of the club and fans and I suspect promote from within.

“…nothing to look backward to with pride and nothing to look forward to with hope”- Robert Frost- New England Patriot- The Death of the Hired Man. This doesn’t apply to the Als or Cats but at my age, I’m just glad that I can remember anything from my days at Westdale. :lol:

Pat Lynch( a big Bobby Frost fan with miles to go before I sleep)

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Rod Pedersen @sportscage:"A former #CFL HC told me that (Milanovich is going with Marc Trestman to Chicago) Sun. nite." ... Itemid=201

That would be a huge loss for the Argos if this happens.

When I'm your age Pat. I hope I'm just half as cool as you :thup:

Highest paid QB coach in NFL history :thup:

I'll believe it when I see it. Pedersen has a history of being wrong about things that don't have anything to do with the Riders. Trestman has already hired Aaron Kromer as his OC, so unless Milanovich wants to be a QB coach or something I don't know why he'd leave Toronto. But if that did happen, that would mean the longest tenured head coach in the East Division would be Tim Burke. My guess is if Milanovich did leave, the Argos would just promote Chris Jones.

Trestman confirmed in his presentation that he is bringing staff (plural) from Canada. You got to know that Milanovich is part of that group.

...a possibility only if the Alouettes don't get him first as Trestman's replacement.

Milanovich can not just up and leave , he signed a extension with the Argos during GC week , usually a coach is given permission to break his contract if a promotion exists with another team , not sure whether QB coach , regardless of the pay ,would be considered a promotion by the Argo brain trust.


Andy Bischoff (who was at Trestman’s press conference) and Pat Meyer would be plural: … 8591817728. I’ll wait until someone with a little more authority than Rod “the Cats cut Quinton Porter in 2010” Pedersen says Milanovich is leaving before I’ll take it seriously.

Trestman just signed an extension with the Als last year and now he's in Chicago. He had an opt-out clause and I would guess that Milanovich (and maybe every CFL coach) has one too. Also, Kent Austin left the Roughriders after one season to become the OC at Ole Miss. Is that considered a promotion? My guess is that if Milanovich wants out, the Argos will let him go. Last thing you want is somewhere there who doesn't want to be there.

On the plus side for the Argos. Is that he's just won a GC, he is a HC and has just moved his young family to Toronto. It will be a tough decision for Scott. NFL opportunities don't come often. Scott was in the NFLe and it never translated to an NFL opportunity. But a CFL contract won't hold him back if he wishes to go.

If Milanovich jumped the Argo ship to go to the NFL it would be so poetic justice (think the Chris Jones affair).

If Milanovich goes with Trestman, it would have to be for the extra money. I don't think being Trestman's assistant QB Coach would make him a HC candidate in the NFL in the near future. He would continue to be a successful Coach with the Argos because of Ricky Ray. That's what got the NFL attention for Trestman, he won every year as a HC.
Trestman already has an Offensive Coordinator in Chicago, so I don't know what Milanovich's title would be except QB Coach. Trestman will actually be the QB Coach and Offensive Coordinator.

I think SM will stay in Toronto, he's in a position now to be able to win a few GC's over the course of the next few years perhaps (hopefully the TiCats will not allow that to happen of course :wink: ) and then maybe in a position to take an NFL head coaching job down the road.