Marc Trestman to be named Bears HC

I do not why this is being reported at 2:43am, but regardless it is breaking news on right now. :lol:

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Good for Trestman. He is taking over a Bears team with a TON of potential. I wish him the best of luck.

Who do you guys think will be the next HC of the Als?

Wow. Good for Trestman. Maybe the Als sign Cortez? :lol:

Or, Bellefeuille who is likely a very excited job seeker today.

Again another example of the NFL respecting the level of play in the CFL. All the best to him in Bear country.

Good for him. I hope it works out and best of luck to him. I think it would be the first such move since Frank Kush went to Baltimore after the 1981 CFL season.

Anyone know the status of Trestman's contract with the Als? I wonder if any compensation is owing as part of this move, or if his contract is up anyway, or if he has an escape clause that lets him go unconditionally, or if the Als would just let him move without compensation because it's an upward career step. I seem to recall seeing some discussion of this, but can't remember what the upshot was.

Big loss for the CFL but a great opportunity for Marc Trestman.
Maybe our chances of making the Eastern playoffs and getting to a Grey Cup will be a little better now. :twisted:

Good luck to Mark Trestman, now all he has to do is hang onto the job. :thup:

I vote for Cortez lol. I hope that Popp goes too and they hire TIlman was their GM lol.

Seriously though, congrats to him. Good luck

Have to wonder how this will impact their free agent signings.

Concensus is that Trestman had an escape clause for an NFL head coaching opportunity. Likely the same sort of clause Popp would have for an NFL job.

It's a big loss for the league. He brought a NFL-level of attention to detail that was lacking before he arrived and forced other coaches to do the same. As far as the team is concerned, I think a new HC will make AC less effective this season because Trestman and AC made a great tandem. On a selfish note, it was good news for 7 other teams.

An Argo-Cat fan

Bellefeuille, who is Bi-lingual along with being a good coach is a good fit in Montreal .
We saw first hand what happens when a HC is not media friendly or a "good face to the franchise".

Paul LaPolice and Greg Marshall are also looking for Head Coaching positions

Good! Now let the Jets hire Jim Popp.

There is ZERO chance in hell that Popp will hire Bellefeuille as his head coach.

If Popp ends up departing for the NFL as well. Then Calvillo retires next year. Could this possibly be the beginning of the end of the Al's dynasty???

Of course. Will the Pats be as dominant when Brady retires ? Absolutely expected with or without Popp.

The beginning of the end of the Al's dynasty was when the TiCats eliminated them in the playoffs in overtime at the big owe in 2011.

What's a man to do when he has nothing of his own to rejoice about. :lol:

"What's a man to do when he has nothing of his own to rejoice about."

There were many years like that in Hamilton. Perhaps, now it's YOUR turn. Maybe, during that time, you'll come to understand the frustration they felt, share their desparation to celebrate even the smallest of successes, feel the desire to believe that the latest signing will bring a playoff game and even, the glimmer of a Grey cup appearance.

And appreciate their annoyance when someone whose team has done better takes utter joy at raining on their parade at every opportunity.

Every dynasty eventually has an ending. It`s the cycle of sports.

I remember speculation around these parts about the Alouettes dynasty's pending doom with Don Matthews' and Jim Popp's departures as coaches followed by the hiring of Marc Trestman.

I guess the doom of that dynasty never really came to pass. They've been a pretty good club throughout that entire period, so it wouldn't surprise me if Popp hires a more than capable coach and that team continues to be one that plays at a very high when Anthony Calvillo retires, that's a different story

Agree kicker and for sure, without a decent pivot, it's tough to win even with an excellent team overall and management etc.