Marc Trestman staying put

Trestman has signed on for another 4 season. He is a class act. I have the upmost respect for how Marc takes on the game. Pulling players who get chippy, handling the media with class and honesty, building the grassroots see the things he does in the community and mentoring with is impressive.

I must say, he must be very passionate about the CFL, because he was extended opportunities last year to go to the NFL, and you gotta believe offers are still out there!

Congratulations Marc, and thank-you!

wow, nice

He must really love living there.

He's a real asset to the community. They're lucky to have him. :thup:

I dont know about many NFL offers....I think the NFL game is alot harder to win at than the CFL....Thats good to see him get a extension because a job security is hard to find anymore in North America

Great guy, great coach and an awesome signing for the Als.

I think the NFL game is alot harder to win at than the CFL....

For every one SB, you need to win say 3 GC's. Or with the GC being held in one of the 8 cities more often than not, can you win a GC when you're hosting? Point being it is just as hard to win in the CFL as the NFL, it's just the amount of winning you translate from one league with 30 teams (thereabouts for the NFL?) and one with 8-9 teams.

At any rate, good on the Als to lock him up.

He could EASILY get a job down south....

No question jman.

Earl, I do not believe the Superbowl is as easy to win as the GC. Of the bigger pro sports in NA I believe NHL would be hardest, then NFL, then CFL,then NBA, then MLB. I believe MLB is easiest because there is still no cap, and thus teams like the Yankees can stockpile. NBA has a cap, but you can still out all your money into a few guys and have a decent shot at it (Heat). The CFL, with cap now in place, is much harder, but at the end of the day 3/4 of the divisional teams have a spot in the playoffs (possibly all 4), while the NFL has 6/16 making it from each conference. The Cowboys have proven that it is tough to buy your way to the big game.
Nobody could ever say for sure though of course.

And yeah, there have been offers there before. Don't forget that he has contacts from his time in the NFL before.

Great news for Montreal. :thup:

Coach Trestman is one of the rare guys to come to the CFL and make an impact that improved the play across the league. Buono even said it.