Marc Trestman La Presse Interview

Miguel Bujold intereviews the coach in today`s La Presse:

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The Coles Notes version:

  • Coaches to meet in Raleigh for 12 days on Mar. 20 to review playbook and plan the season.

  • He did not want to lose Burke or Cobourne, each doing what they felt was best for them. He had told Cobourne the starting job was his, felt he was a good team player, although he did have the occasional issue with him.

  • The RB position is Whitaker`s job to lose.

  • He was surprisingly unenthusiastic about Ahman Green and Jerry Porter, kind of saying that they are past their expiry date.

  • He has confidence in Colt David, but said there is still time for Jim Popp to add competion.

He also said that Burke had been offered a new contract but that Burke chose to leave. I also like his stance on what we can expect with Tibesar -- that as a team, we devise systems to suit players, not the other way around. I'm excited about the upcoming year. He also gave Avon a LOT of love.

Are they meeting in raleigh because that’s where Trestman is based out of?

Both him and Jim are from there, plus the weather is better.

ah, thanks

Je ne sais pas exactement comment la négociation s'est déroulée, mais c'était strictement une question d'argent. On lui avait donné l'assurance qu'il demeurerait notre demi régulier s'il était en santé et qu'il n'y aurait aucune compétition pour son poste. On l'aurait accueilli à bras ouverts, mais il a choisi une autre option, une qui était dans le meilleur intérêt de sa famille.
"I'm not exactly sure how the negotiations unfolded, but it was strictly a question of money. We gave him our assurances that he remained our regular halfback, as long as he remained healthy, and that there was no competition for his job. We welcomed him with open arms, but he chose another option, one that was in the best interest of his family."

I have to say I'm disappointed at the lack of uproar the Cobourne fiasco has caused in this forum.
The rampant docility I've seen and expect.
The insults because I have the audacity to challenge the absurdities so often inherent in any business, and the incongruity of being emotionally attached to what is "at heart" a financial enterprise.
All normal and to be expected. wonders what it would take for the Als brass to ruffle a few feathers around here.
After all...Avon Cobourne was to the Alouettes offense what Chip Cox is to the defense...almost exactly.
Cobourne excelled at protecting the quarterback, running the ball and catching the ball out of the backfield...and was an excellent special teams demon.
Cox excels at pressuring the quarterback, dropping into coverage and stopping the run....and ditto for special teams.

Both were/are any price.
You don't make up for a scrapped Rolls Royce by slapping on a crazy front to your Volkswagon.
Regardless of the mileage gains.

It seems some here want me to stop complaining about obvious mistakes and out and out bad decisions on this team.
That simply will not happen.
You can crack wise all you want.
I don't write for you but for anyone with the clarity to recognize the truth in good sense when they see it.
In a world clouded over with obfuscation
The occasional Ray of Truth has to shine through

Even if it's just on a sports blog.

I wont get into a prolonged debate Senior, but I will again point out that the Als, like all teams, have to operate within a salary cap. They cannot just acquiesce to every players salary demands, and I acknowledge Cobournes important role on the team. The money saved does not go into Popps or Wettenhall`s pockets.

It goes to being able to resign players like Cox, S.J. Green, McPherson, etc. I trust that Popp made a very fair offer, and Cobourne and/or his agent (who once employed the Hamilton GM) did not feel it was enough, which is their right. Hamilton, kind of desperate to make a splash after losing some of their own free agents (including their starting Canadian LT), was willing to give it to him.

If you were a Calgary fan, would you be happy that you lost your 2 star CBs and your starting LT, who happened to have been the 2010 CFL offensive lineman of the year? Calgary is another organization I happen to respect, but they too have to deal with a salary cap.

So this has nothing to do with being cheap, its the reality of the salary cap world. Tough decisions have to be made and I will stand by Jim Popps record.

Time will tell how Avon`s loss affects the team, just as time will tell if Adrian McPherson is our QB of the future. All of which makes following sports so much fun.


"Uproar". . . what would that accomplish, exactly?

No one here has, to my recollection, ever said that they are happy Cobourne left. . . I think 100% of us would have preferred he stay; but he chose to leave for more money, which is his right as a free agent. If you want to cry over spilled milk go ahead, I'll refrain. If that makes me docile, so be it. I'd have ulcers if I behaved otherwise. . . heck I'm still ticked at the Hal Patterson trade. . .

And "fiasco"?

Again, really?

Cobourne was a free agent. Hamilton offered more money than Montreal did; just as it appears that we offered Anderson more money than they did. That's the business of sports in a salary cap world, and calling it a "fiasco" is hyperbole.

And Senior, kindly remove that chip off your shoulder please. . . just because certain posters don't agree with your opinions 100% of the time does not mean that they are insulting you.

I always worry for someone’s well being when referring to oneself and their words as:

Be careful Senior of taking oneself so seriously. Its getting spooky.

Chip chose to stay and Avon chose to leave... How can you be mad at the organisation ? Most fans from other teams sit in amazement at how we were are able to keep our players year after year. Avon complained the Als spent money on Anderson instead of giving him the money... To me that was selfish or maybe a better word would be immature. on top of making full bonus money for the last two season plus coins for being GC MVP Avon was offered around a 10k raise and that was not enough for him instead he chose to go play for a coach who was prepared to cut him and possibly end his carreer a few years back. I would say most of the roster could make more money elsewhere but they are prepared to accept a little less for stability and having a winning team every year. As a fan I can't but support Jim and his crew. For myself I think Avon made a STUPID move but we'll see at the end of the season.

The part in bold is worth extra attention. Who was OC the year that Avon was being used as a (snicker) linebacker? Yep, you got it: Marcel Bellefeuille, Talent Scout Extraordinaire. :lol:

For myself, I'm not prepared to say that Avon leaving was a stupid move or a smart move. I can see, to some extent, the business sense in his decision, but that decision also carries risks (if Hamilton doesn't at least make it to the EDF and the Als advance to the Grey Cup again, he'll have lost money by going to Hamilton, I think). I wish him all the best. Time will tell whether his move was wise or ill-advised.

Je comprends les appréhensions que peuvent susciter la perte de Cobourne, mais je crois qu'il y a lieu à des nuances.

Avant de dire que la perte de Cobourne est un fiasco, il faudra voir ce qui va se passer. Tous ici ont déploré la perte d'un excellent joueur d'équipe et leader dans le départ de Cobourne. De là à en faire prématurément une tragédie grecque, je crois qu'un peu de recul est salutaire.

Si Cobourne se blesse pour 7 parties en milieu de saison (ce que je ne lui souhaite pas, il va sans dire) et que les Timinous sont écartés des éliminatoires à cause de ça, qui aura eu tort, qui aura eu raison? Si son remplaçant à Montréal fait du bon travail et que les Alouettes se rendent à la Coupe Grey encore cette année, qui aura eu tort et qui aura eu raison?

Il y a trop d'inconnues et trop d'éléments sur lesquels spéculer pour en avoir une idée nette aujourd'hui. Je me souviens de cette entrevue accordée à CJAD, où je n'ai pas tout compris, mais j'ai compris que Popp était très emballé par Emmanuel Marc. Whitaker a l'occasion de prendre le poste de partant, mais qui sait si les successeurs en devenir de Cobourne ne sauront pas à leur façon se révéler tout aussi brillant que lui?

Les Alouettes ont en fin de compte perdu Cobourne, Seagraves, Duval, Mayne, Hawkins et Leak. La plupart des autres équipes demeurent donc encore à vouloir rejoindre la force des Alouettes. Avec ou sans Cobourne, on peut donc aborder la prochaine saison avec un optimisme mesuré sans devenir groupie pour autant.

Petit détail, en passant : Cobb était moins bon bloqueur que Cobourne, mais Glenn a quand même fait plus de 5 000 verges par la passe, et sans une ligne offensive de la qualité de cette des Alouettes (oui, elle a eu ses difficultés, mais elle s'est soudée par la suite et c'est de cette ligne offensive des Alouettes dont je parle, celle du milieu à la fin de la saison). Il a donc quand même dû faire quelque chose de bien à ce chapitre, non? D'autres que Cobourne le peuvent donc aussi.

Cette vision se discute. Du point de vue de Cobourne, l'offre qu'il a reçue revenait en gros à lui faire toucher les boni de fin de saison qu'il a gagnés avec les Alouettes, que l'équipe les gagnent ou non. Les chances que les Alouettes gagnent ces boni encore 3 années de suite sont minimes, alors son choix n'était peut-être pas si mauvais pour sa famille et lui.

La seule chose, c'est que si Cobourne ne livre pas la marchandise, son contrat pourrait être aussi bon que celui de Printers a été avec les Timinous. O'B ne s'embarrasse pas toujours de ses contrats. Popp, lui, les respecte. Mais je crois qu'il va livrer la marchandise.

I wish him well. I just dont think when your as successful as he was in Montreal you go put your carreer in the hands of Marcel Bellefeuille for a signing bonus or 25 thousand bucks more assuming they dont get punked in the post season like they have been for the last 14 years.

And then Kenton Keith, and then Sandro DeAngelis, and then Nick Setta, and then and then and then.

C'est vrai, voilà d'autres exemples de ce que je voulais dire. Mais que je sache, DeAngelis est toujours avec les Timinous, non?

Senior, I welcome all the posts you have written to this site and, I trust you will continue with this posting. You have good information and opinions to share with all of us.Some of the responses to you have been critical but, I believe these responses are about differing perceptions of the Alouettes and, were not intended to be critical of you in a personal sense. Certainly we should all respond to your opinions without prejudice. On your part, you might view them as other opinions- just that and not intended to be about your person . In my working life I came across many unhappy marriages wherein both parties got caught in a system where each party responded, with overactions ,to the overactions of the other. This does not make for good communications.

Like most others I was very disappointed when Cobourne jumped to the Ti Cats. I considered him to be the perfect back for the Alouettes with his superior running, receiving and blocking. I had hoped that Cobourne would end out his days with our team. I was amazed with Richard V's item that reported Watkins Richardson and Green were getting salaries between $425 to $440 K. Toss in Bratton's salary and It appears, to me, that we are paying receivers QB's salaries. However, Trestman values the passing game over the run and, its his call.The passing game does get preference over the run and, it appears these are the guys that get the big bucks! In this system a power back does not get a $20 K bonus- hence he goes to Hamiton. I hope that on our first game with Hamilton this season, I will wittness Cobourne establish a new record for yards accomplised in a single game. Don't get me wrong I continue to be an avid Als fan but I hope Cobourn has his big day against the Als.

Whitacre is evidently now Cobourne's replacement. I hope Popp has scouted for this position. At this point, a couple of overage NFL guys are not the answer-although the back we acquired from Winnipeg could be just that.With respect to Cobourne, in past years he has been subject to injury and, the Als have always been ahead of other teams in the standings which permitted Cobourne to rest for several final games prior to the playoffs. I don't think he will get this opportunity with the Ti Cats. Before last year's draft I was hoping the team would have drafted Cory Watson from Concordia U. I think he will have a good receiving year this season. In the upcoming draft I do hope the club's able to acquire one of the top CIS receivers. We are paying a load of our money to our receivers and, they have no backups of note. I hope the Als get both a receiver and a P/K in the upcoming draft.

He's still with the Ti-minous but he took a massive pay cut. Rumour he's making less than he was offered by Calgary.

He's still with the Ti-minous but he took a massive pay cut. Rumour he's making less than he was offered by Calgary.

Ayoye! J'espère qu'il avait affiché ses couleurs dès le départ, au moins. Mais ça donne le ton du personnage. Une bonne tête de football, quand même.