Marc Trestman knows football

Liked it when he said football is a great game on either side of the border and a great game to be involved in. Something that people like Paul Godfrey and Phil Lind and many others at Rogers and those who have worked for them over the years just never understood and most likely still don't to this day.

What does Marc Trestman knowing football have to do with Rogers? Was Rogers mentioned during the interview or is this CFL pride showing up? I would think Rogers not relevant to the conversation of Marc Trestman...

Rogers is hardly the sporting giant they think they are. Not when the Blue Jays are really second-class citizens in an American league and their only other major property, hockey, sucks compared to what it was in the past. Canadians just don't realize it.

I just don't like them, forgive me for my sin for mentioning them in a Marc Trestman thread. :lol: :wink:

Publication bias, ok, I'm guilty on all counts!