Marc Trestman Interview/Call In On CKAC

Coach Trestman interviewed and took questions today.

3 things stood out for me:

  • His love and respect for the Canadian game.

  • His confidence and respect for McPherson, but for selfish reasons doesnt want to see him any time soon. Thats what he said!

  • Would like to see fans make more noise during defensive stands.

WTH, Als didn't promote this thru their social media :thdn:

Have always hated that fans at Molson Stadium don't make more noise during defensive stands. People need to educate themselves on football, become more aware.

It's obvious
McPherson will only start if :
a) Calvillo is injured
b) Calvillo retires
c) Calvillo's production drops off to where AD gets more playing time

You can bet there aren't many head coaches here or south of the border that want to see any of the three happen to their starting quarterback.

I was quite amazed that McPherson signed a two year contract this season- had he done so I believe he would be a FA in 2012. It was a good move for the fans but, AC is as fit as ever and, could play, if healthy, for 2 or 3 more years. In all the years I watched him play, he seems better than ever. Also I would like to see McPherson playing in the CFL. Looks like he will be riding the bench for quite a while.

Well I'll add one caveat to that Niagara. . .

If AC happens to break most or all of the records that are within his reach this season. . . and we happen to win the Grey Cup in November. . . then I think he'll choose to go out on a high and retire shortly after said Grey Cup win.

My ideal, pie-in-the-sky scenario:

AC breaks the passing yardage record this season and leads us to a third straight Grey Cup championship. Instead of retiring, however, he comes back for one more season in a split capacity with McPherson -- with the understanding that he is to be a mentor for Adrian and a great safety valve in case McPherson gets injured. After breaking Allen's records and winning another Grey Cup, what would be left for Calvillo to do, except finish the education he, Trestman, and Milanovich have been giving Adrian for the past three years? The following year, Anthony retires, and down the line, when Trestman moves on and Milanovich becomes the head coach, AC returns as our quarterbacks coach, eventually moving up to offensive coordinator after a few years as a full-time position coach.

Okay, now back to reality. :cowboy:

I'm really pissed they don't promote these things but your seeing increased involvment by the Als football people with the media... Jim is doing interviews so is Marc this helps sell the human aspect of the game.

For those who wish to listen the interview is here:

Bloc 1
Bloc 2
Bloc 3

Interview in 3 parts.

Sounds like an ideal scenario
I don't think it's unreasonable to think AC would like to continue playing after this season
Assuming he stays healthy...even if he breaks all the records and wins the Cup again
I'd hope he'd be willing to split time with Adrian...even for a couple of seasons
Spelling him when/if he falters...mentoring him through the start of his career.

The only thing that might be sticking in AC's craw is that Grey Cup record
It's at 3-5 now...and he might be obstinate about evening it least
But if he insists on sticking around long enough to do so...we may lose Adrian for good.

I'm also thinking that Trestman may quit if AC does
Not that he hates McPherson...quite the contrary
But he seems to have hitched his horse to the Calvillo wagon-train
He might entertain those offers down south if AC retires...leaving Milanovich in charge of the Adrian McPherson half
Of the Alouettes Dynasty

Yes, I've heard that rumor about Calvillo wanting to even up his Grey Cup record. I guess we'll take it one Grey Cup appearance at a time. :smiley:

Adrian isn't a fool. He's being well-paid as a backup, and knows that leaving a good situation here to chase a mirage with another team wouldn't necessarily be in his best interests or his family's best interests.

As for Trestman, one would think that Adrian has his full support. While I agree that Marc seems to have hitched his wagon to Calvillo, I feel that Trestman may leave in a few years more to pursue those NFL opportunities, rather than because AC is gone.

All valid except being an athlete, surely Adrian's competitive juices must be flowing. While being well paid, one has to wonder if he would also like the opportunity to actually start and finish more than a game or two a season.

d) Meaningless games.