Marc Trestman in Oakland?

I just learned that Marc Trestman is a serious candidate for the head coach job in Oakland.

It would make sense. He was the OC when the Raiders went to the Superbowl in 2002.

It would be very disappointing for us Alouettes fans. He did a great job in 08.

According to this:

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It's between him and Jim Fassel.

Here's hoping they hire Fassel.

Here's another short story on it:

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Very surprised by this. Trestman's agent had contract talks with Davis a while back and Davis was put off by the salary demands.
of Trestman's agent. This would rock the the Als franchise one year in to Trestman's system. Milanovich isn't ready to be a HC. Martino has a year as a hc in the NFLe but only one year in the CFL.

Trestman signed with the Als for 3 years if I'm not mistaken. I guess he wrote himself some escape clauses in there :frowning:

…I hope this doesn’t come to pass…I enjoy ’ intelligent coaches’ and worthy advesaries…Even though Trestman isn’t coaching behind my bench, i still admire his style…This is too short a stay and exposes one of the weaknesses in the CFL…that being continuity…I hope Marc sticks around… :roll: :roll:

That would be a shame for Montreal to lose Tressman. He did a good job.

My question, of all NFL teams, why would he go and work for a wacko owner like Al Davis?

I looked around and so far all this seems to be is wishful thinking by Davis and his crew. Nowhere I've I seen any hint from Trestman or his agent that he is even interested in talking to Davis. Looks like desperate attempt from one of the worst owners in the NFL to put feelers out without being accused of tampering. NFL still recognises CFL contracts...

I recieve the Als newsletter and this was in the Dec edition

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Doesnt sound like he is going anywhere

To the Fans,

This has been an amazing year for the Alouettes.

Although we didn't finish the job at the Grey Cup, that should not take away from our incredible six-month journey from training camp through to the Grey Cup.

It is impossible to go any further without thanking our owner, Bob Wetenhall, for the resources and personal support he has given us, and the leadership of team - President Larry Smith and those who work in the business office on University Street - for the support of the players and coaches at the Big O.

Since the day I accepted this incredible opportunity as the Als' Head Coach, I have been so impressed by the players in our organization and what they do in our community and on the field. So much of our success has to do not only with the physical ability of our players to play this great game, but their character as well.

Our GM, Jim Popp, has provided us with good players with great character which is so important to the makeup of our locker room and our cohesiveness as a team. Jim's CFL experience was an incredible resource to me as I learned a new game and the nuances that go with day-to-day preparation.

To our fans, I want to say thank you for your passionate support throughout the course of the season, and your "13th Person" efforts each and every week at Percival Molson Stadium and the Big O were incredibly important to our success.

I am disappointed that the Als could not finish the job, but I am extremely optimistic about our future next year and for many years to come.

Thank you again,


Yeah but that was written before there was talk of him being the HC of an NFL team. I wouldn't be surprised to see him go, I sure he would love the chance to coach an NFL team.

No not really
That letter was written on Dec 5, the blog on Dec 8th, If he was in contention, he would have been in talks more than 3 days prior to the blog being writtn,,,,,,,and they are blogs

If Trestman goes out...I can imagine the look on the faces of a lot of vets who signed recently.

Here's hoping and praying that we don't go to Popp again for HC...I hope Larry & Wetenhall learned their lesson in 2007 !

Just throwing a name out there for possible HC, (if Trestman leaves): Doug Berry ??

uhhhhhhhh no!

Trestman said he enjoyed his six months on six months off. From everything I've read his family loves Montreal and the owner is providing him with a nice condo in old Montreal and probably close to 500k salary. That's a real nice lifestyle. But if he was to go I would think they would promote from within, they have a great staff why mess with that.

I believe that I read on here that Wally Buono pulls a $400,000 yearly salary so I would question Trestman drawing more than that. However I know that he does draw in well as a guest coach at clinics and speaker at conferences. He did facilitate the football program at Sports Management World Wide the year before joining the Als. don't mind a coach, who loses the players and goes 'nuts' on your team in general...Berrys your guy.... :roll: Maybe he can change his ways and he IS familiar with the Als. organization...BUT that would be quite a switch in coaching styles...Trestman to Berry?????? :roll:

I only "threw" Berry's name out there because he was with the Als from 1999 to 2005 !

He still lead the 'Bombers to the Grey Cup game in 2007.

It doesn't mean I want him as HC....Popp, Berry, ect......I'd rather have Trestman stay !

Berry isn't cut out to be a head coach. When you get tossed on your butt months after signing a multi year deal. You've really blown it... If Trestman leaves Martino or Elisondo would be the logical choices. Otherwise guys will look elsewhere see Chris Jones...

This from the Oakland Tribune's Steve Corkran

Raiders managing general partner Al Davis on Tuesday interviewed Marc Trestman for the offensive coordinator spot, a person familiar with the process confirmed.
it appears Mark Trestman HAS been interviewed as OC. Also the Als haven't quashed the strory now out in the Montreal media which in an abstract way confirms the rumour. This is pretty sad I could understand if it was an NFL HC job but coordinator with a team with no HC even chosen is a little discouraging.

Being interviewed is a long way from being offered, and accepting

Abolutely, not saying he is pulling a Taafe :slight_smile: but you don't fly to California for a job interview if there is no interest. He has every right to obviously.