Marc Trestman Fired from NFL Ravens

Adam Schefter ?@AdamSchefter 5m5 minutes ago
Big change in Baltimore: Ravens firing OC Marc Trestman, replacing him with Marty Mornhinweg, per league sources.

I doubt he'll come back to the CFL. Another NFL team will pick him up IMO. He became the scapegoat for Baltimore's problems despite their 3-0 start.

I think he's done in the NFL now even if he was the scapegoat.

Will be interesting now to see what happens with Als.

Let the speculations begin.

I don't think he'll be back in Montreal, but I can see Barker offering him stupid money to come to Toronto if Milanovich walks the plank.

You could be right.
Heck if RB's falter maybe Desjardins goes after him.

Trestman's best coaching days came when he was with the Als.
If he gets a solid offer from someone in the CFL I could see him coming back.


Even IF you assume Trestman's NFL days are over, the CFL is not his only career option.

There's also NCAA football, and 6 figure salaries are out there. Trestman's calm, professorial demeanor might be perfectly suited. And after losing their last 2 games by a combined score of 136-0, Rutgers University are probably urgently hunting for a new head coach this morning.

I liked the way Trestman coached, and wish him the best wherever he lands.

Was going to post on this last night.

Trestman only ran the ball 11 times ! 7 in the first half and 4 in the second half despite getting almost nine yards a carry.

Harbaugh was furious but surprised it still happened so quick.

Harbaugh had to deflect the blame for terrible call on fourth and long. Where he called a fake instead of taking the 3 points in a close game.

I think its safe to add Trestman to list of potential HC in Montreal. Could also see him take over in Toronto.

Baltimore played very weak teams coming out of the gate. But agree he is being a scapegoat. Not so sure another team will come calling.

If he goes to Toronto it will be as a package with Popp. I would not expect anything till late in the year possibly after Christmas and its not to Trestman's advantage to take anything till he's paid out by the Ravens.

I don't question Trestman's football savvy or his play calling.

But his style might conflict with the mind-set of the privileged, over-paid studs on NFL rosters. Not sure about the Ravens, but he definitely lost the Chicago Bears dressing room.

He's a bug for details. Remember when he infamously prepared the Alouettes on the "correct" method to line up for the national anthem? This approach might work in college, and in the CFL where a lot of players dream of moving up to the N league (in other words - coachable). But with millionaire primadonas .... not so much.

We need the professor here in Toronto more than you guys in Montreal.
This is a real mess here with the Argos, so I am hoping the management group has already made the call to him.

After todays game against the Esks, think both Argos and Als could use him.

Do you guys have a large inventory of XL fleece tracksuits ?

Oh God, the memories... :lol: