Marc Trestman fired from NFL Ravens

Adam Schefter ?@AdamSchefter 5m5 minutes ago
Big change in Baltimore: Ravens firing OC Marc Trestman, replacing him with Marty Mornhinweg, per league sources.

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We need the professor here in Toronto more than a possible return to Montreal.
This is a real mess here with the Argos, so I am hoping the management group has already made the call to him.

Trestman will very likely end up in Montreal. For one, they need a head coach (while Milanovich and Barker were signed for 3 extensions when the new Argo owners took over). Two, Trestman said he loved his experience in Montreal and I believe he’s in pretty tight with the Al’s owners. Maybe the Als could jettison Poop and make Trestman the G.M, too, a la Chris Jones?

I doubt Barker got stupid all of a sudden after years of wily trades and player acquisitions. He really made a silk purse out of a cow’s ear in Toronto considering the logistic problems the franchise has endured over the past few seasons. Milanovich is another story but let’s save that for another thread… :wink:

Trestman will not come back to cfl. He has a contract which will be paid for not coaching.

Of course you can these type of contracts are routinely cashed out.
Plus the professor does not need the money as he has made a ton in the NFL.

He had a two year deal with the Ravens which expires at the end of the current season. Not sure what your talking about ? Do you know ?

Trestman might not be the answer, he did have AC as his QB, and a whole slew of CFL all-stars on both sides of the line.
Not sure he would get that in Montreal or Toronto.


And he just got punted, I'm assuming for "not" winning?? Trestman inherited a good team in the Al's and bailed at the right time.

Funny. Same Rider fans and others who are now claiming he had a loaded team were saying AC was finished in 2007 and predicted the Als would would finish last in the league in 2008.

Wally Buono says Trestman was transformational for the CFL but what does he know ?


Trestman to Montreal or the Argos!

Link please.

ACTUALLY yes I do. He made big NFL money. Loads of it. Why would he even considering any CFL team.
NFL still interested BUT College teams will pay big time for Smart Personable Coaches. This Trestman IS.
Not SURE what your talking about or wishing for. But I know!!!!!1111 gees another one.

Trestman had a terrible experience with the NCAA and I doubt very much that he would be interested. One of the main task of an NCAA Head Coach is to recruit, heavy recruiting is mandatory to the job and success of a program, something if you had read his book he hates to do and considers himself terrible at.

I have no idea if Trestman would return to the CFL. He and his wife really enjoy Montreal and visit every year at least in the summer so if he's ready for a six month gig and is ready to retire from the NFL's grueling demands like Huffnagel was, he may consider it.

Personally I'm not big on sequels or half committed execs who don't make their teams's town their home but if the Wetenhalls hired him back I could understand why they do. If it does happen it would be conditional to Popp returning as Trestman would have no interest in wearing all the hats like some of his contemporaries.

I've always liked Trestman at least how he came across in the media here when he was a CFL coach and the good things he's said about the CFL over the years. All the best to him.

What in the world does any of the comments have to do with the Riders or Rider Fans??? :roll:

If ever an OC deserved to be given the boot early on it had to be Trestman.

I'd say his NFL career is over.

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