Marc Trestman being considered for Seattle OC job

Toronto Argonauts head coach Marc Trestman is a candidate for the offensive coordinator position according to multiple online reports.

The Seahawks fired offensive co-ordinator Darrell Bevell and offensive line coach Tom Cable on Wednesday. Bevell was in charge of calling plays, while Cable was responsible for a run game and offensive line that failed to meet expectations.

Trestman, who won the Grey Cup in his first season as Toronto’s head coach, is among several candidates the Seahawks are considering, according to the Seattle Times.

[i]“… he also has extensive NFL coaching experience, including as head coach of the Bears in 2013-14 and 12 years as an offensive coordinator with the Ravens, Raiders, Browns, 49ers and Cardinals. He also has some connections with Carroll as each was an assistant with the Vikings in 1985-86 while Trestman was the OC with the 49ers in 1995-96 while Carroll was the DC with the 49ers. Trestman was also the offensive coordinator at North Carolina State in 2005-06, helping recruit Russell Wilson.?[/i]

Wow, I hope this is not true.

So nobody wanted him last year but now that he won a Grey Cup the Seahawks want him in it coaching staff as a coordinator? I hope Trestman will not fall into that trap.

Also I'm sure Jim Popp didn't make the same mistake of letting a blackhole in Trestman's contract.

If trestman jumps at this my estimation of him would drop beyond that of the level of a mercenary.

My hopes is that the contract and his own ethics would stop him from moving AGAIN.


He should shut this down immediately. He finally should show SOME loyalty and wake up to where his successes lie.

Not surprised that he is considered. The 5 years he was in Montreal-from 2008 to 2012- these discussions always occurred with NFL teams. If Seattle does not hire him, don’t be surprised if John Gruden of the Raiders consider him; they worked together,before.

I am positive that Trestman wants to return to the NFL. Once the CFL season is over, he’s gone from Canada as fast as he can. No longer have respect for him.


Hmmmm, OC for Russell Wilson, Huge increase in pay, Living in Seattle,Sounds tempting.

Imagine Trestman leaving CFL again so Jim Popp has to be Toronto HC

To diss him if he accepts this offer is totally asinine.

Agree. Its unfortunate but he has to do whats best for him and his family.

He doesn't owe the Argos or the CFL anything beyond his contract. And I have no loss of respect for him doing what he needs to do for his career. He's also not getting any younger and he may feel he doesn't have too many kicks at the can left with which to win a Superbowl.

Oh, please, yes!


Yup and sometime he has to show his family that what is best for them is to show honor and loyalty. Twice the CFL has rescued him from the scrap heap of failure and paid him a fortune.
His success in Montreal, where he made $3-4 mil for 6 mos year for 5 years, and then enabled him to make 8-10 mil in the NFL in 3 years. Now CFL rescued him again to the tune of $600,000/year. Now he needs to teach the value of loyalty and honor not just money. He has enough of that.

No team in the CFL is under any obligation to hire him or anyone. If someone is available and a CFL team offers him a job and he takes it, so be it. When his contract is up or the team allows him to pursue another job for whatever reasons, so be it.

If we are lucky our ethics are tested where we can do the right thing unfettered by money.
This is his time.
He needs to shut this down now…and live well as 62year old man.

That's a lot of thumbs alright.
I'll just flip my screen and pretend you agree.

If Trestman leaves, the Argos will go back to sucking! It is very late for the Argos to find a new HC (should it be necessary).

Possible Argo head coach candidates:

Jim Popp
Jeff Reinebold
Jacques Chapdelaine
Marcel Bellefeuille

The Argos will reflect fondly on the days when they "packed" their stadium with 15 000 people. They'll be lucky to get 3000 with one of those dudes as HC.

I don't think he will be leaving but if he does I think it will be:
Chamblin or Condell or Brady. All on staff now.

I think Seattle will go with proven success at OC with Mike Shula recently fired by Carolina after a lot of success. Or Norv Turner. Both guys proven to work well with mobile QB's and with teams who also like to run the ball.

I just think Trestman should say No to this now. Seattle is a bad fit for him anyway in many many ways.
And Trestman's only success in the past 20 years has been in the CFL. It's time he faced the facts.

Everyman....where did you get these numbers from?