Marc Tresman

I am interested in opinions on next year's Marc Tresman availability. I would say the timing would be good to trade in CC...

As much as Trestman is a terrific coach, firing Chamblin at this point would be a knee jerk.

In 2011 BC started 0-5, finished 11-7 in first place overall and won the Grey Cup. Last year Montreal was 1-7, finished up 9-9 within a hair of winning the East. Garcia and the '98 Stamps won the Cup after starting 0-3.

The defense is playing miles better than they did in week 1. Even being handcuffed wit h the ratio (starting Connop) the defense has averaged 16 points against through the first 57 minutes of the last 2 games. This is far better than pretty much everyone else in the league including the 2 clubs that just beat them.

The offense is dynamic and so far has shown the best balance between run and pass, able to do either pretty much at will.

All they have to do is have a little more finish on their drives offensively and figure out how to play the last 3 minutes on defense like they do the first 57.

Everything that is going wrong is very fixable, ESPECIALLY considering how well the room seems to be handling things. And if these things get fixed, they could be about as close to unstoppable as a team in this league could be.

This is NOT the time to blow things up. If they're 1-9 at Labour Day, different story altogether, but not now.

While I agree that it isn't time YET to pull the Grim Reaper act lets just say he may be warming up in the wings. Sure you can say the defense has played better but did they play good enough to win? NO. Have they been able to stop any team at a critical time in the game so far ? NO. That is all that matters in the end. No wins and 5 blown leads including preseaon is not going to cut it. You can use any excuse you want, players hurt, rookies, whatever the bottom line is they didn't get the job done. some of that is on players and some of it is on the coach.

Could have, would have, should have, will buy you a bit of time but that time is very short now and fans and media will not accept it for much longer.

I don't think they will wait until the team is 1-9 or even close to it before pulling the trigger. I don't think the team can afford to wait anywheres near that long. As I said in another post if they are not at 500 or so close to being in a play off spot by Labor day then I would expect a change would be inevitable.

Whether they are excuses or not depends on how you view it. Personally I am super pissed off not so much that the games were lost, but HOW they lost those games. I make no excuses for a loss. As long as the team is owning up to the results and keeping focus forward on the next opponent they are not excuses. They only become excuses when the team starts believing that despite the losses, they're still good enough to win without moving forward to improve.

Actually the defense DID come up big after failed gamble in the last minute. They forced BC into 3rd and 10 when they locked down the coverage and forced Lulay to check down to the tight end who was promptly taken down by TJax's SUPERB open field form tackle. Now they did fail at other points, the key one being Maze blowing the 1 on 1 on the Collie TD. But that stop means something. It means that they are capable of rising to the occasion. They just have to be more consistent at it.

And also keep in mind that playing defense - the act of halting opponents drives - is much harder this year for everyone with no contact on the receivers. A good play on first down last year got you into 2nd and 10 which was a huge advantage for the D. This year with all the zone coverage 2nd and 10 is not nearly as difficult for the offense to convert anymore. We've gone back to 1991. It's HARD to get a 2 and out now.

To me it is not about making excuses about the past (although I understand if it sounds like I am) but about accurately assessing the here and now. Yes this team lost 3 games, and deserved to lose them because they haven't been able to close out. I totally accept that, but in the here and now the losses don't matter. What matters is that they have a good chance to win THIS week and if the analysis is used as an honest assessment (instead of excuses) that is the best way to improve and move forward.

SUPER unhappy with the results so far, but this does not mean that right now this team isn't VERY close to the win column, so as long as the mindset is 'we're close, let's focus and do what it takes' and not 'we're close so we only need to improve a little bit' they will get there, and with guys like Dressler and Chick I believe that room won't settle for anything less than 'do what it takes'.

I don't think they will wait until the team is 1-9 or even close to it before pulling the trigger. I don't think the team can afford to wait anywheres near that long. As I said in another post if they are not at 500 or so close to being in a play off spot by Labor day then I would expect a change would be inevitable.
Well even at 1-9 by LD in this league you still wouldn't be that far from a playoff spot. I'd sure hate to find out though, but still.

Personally I feel that should one of BT or CC go that they both go, though I am not there yet on either one of them. BT has done a good job of giving CC enough rope to climb to the top or hang himself. At the same time, as GM, he owns this team and if the issues that seem to be there are there then it is on him to slap his employee on the side of the head, figuratively, yeah yeah, figuratively, and telll him no to some of his whims and delutions of spending all resources on D and also say 'your d is not cutting it' and as CC has continually said...this is HIS D. The biggest problem is that CC was not a good DC but is a respectable coach...he keeps saying that he is a deffensive coach...great...then go become a DC....that is not the mentality you want out of an O first league that just handcuffed all defrfences.

For me, if they were to make a move on HC...Lapo...100%

GM: John Murphy

Oh I agree they are close at getting the wins but we all know what they say about close counting, something about horses shoes, hand granades and the price is right... ( or another phrase that is a little more colorful) Still close does not count in sports.

The defense while I agree has showed signs of improvement it is the momentary lapses that are still glaring. You stop Harris all game then all of a sudden you can't tackle him to save your soul. The same thing with stopping receivers, again they did a good job of keeping the recivers in check and then all of a sudden you blow coverages. That can happen once in a while but to do it game in and game out that is when I get really upset.

As far as the rule changes go I do not accept that as a reason. The same rules apply to every team so no team has an advantage there and other teams make the stops, ours have not. That needs to change as of now, not 5 games from now or by that time it will be too late.

OK - back to the subject. Yes, Tresman would be a welcome addition to the CFL again anywhere he may land but not at the expense of CC. Way too early to blow this thing up. Like I said in another post, if it wasn't for 4-5 plays in the last three weeks, we'd be 3-0.

AND, as it was said earlier here by prairiedog (I believe) the problems ARE fixable.

Do they? Did Edmonton stop Toronto in Week 1? Did BC stop Ottawa (OTTAWA!!) last week? Did CALGARY stop Montreal last week? Did Ottawa stop MATT NICHOLLS (his numbers were Crompton-esque) on Thursday?

Now I am in no way trying to say that this means the Riders D is good enough and doesn't need to improve, not at all, but maybe the group isn't so piss poor awful as we think. The only team that has not struggled on defense this year is Montreal and a large factor of that is the rule changes.

Let's analyze this:

Week 1 Riders D just couldn't tackle. That was fixed.

Week 2 D actually played well but the biggest problem was soft prevent playcalling in the final minute.

Week 3 D played generally very well with an increased intensity, but failed on 2 of the final 3 drives in regulation and the 1 in OT.

So the question is, is this a defense that needs an overhaul or just a tweak or two? This is the point that I'm trying to make.

I agree completly. As I said the biggest red flag for me is Cory's thinking as if he is the DC and not the HC. He hired his "guys" as OC and DC and to be honest Chappy has not looked bad at all in his position. Why hire Quick and then come out and state that you are running the show on defense?

I have thought the same, absolutely.

IMO just needs some adjustment. This is a D with a lot of new faces...that takes time. They are also learning who can play zone and who can not...some of those who can not are a bit surprising. Losing your starting LB...the QB of the D...that is a big loss half a game in. My biggest concern is this...when the subbed Connop off the line for a International this D looked really good. They need to figure that is the elephant in the room.

Maybe Quick was the only coach that Chamblin could hire to be his yes man

with the new rules in play , the d line needs to step up the pressure , our d backs can not maintain coverage against the best receivers in this league. Look at he teams who have adapted and look at their sacks and hurries . I think our blitzes have been very unaggressive and have been read with ease JMO.

Je doute que Trestman revienne comme entraîneur-chef dans la LCF. Ses files ont grandi et ses visées sont aux USA maintenant. Je demeure convaincu qu'il va tenter sa chance de nouveau dans une autre équipe de la NFL dans quelques saisons.

Peut-être, mais il parle de la LCF et ne l'exclut pas.

Très vrai! Trestman aime le football canadien et la LCF. Il ne manque jamais une occasion pour le souligner. Et madame Trestman ADORE Montréal.

Disons que Trestman ne se fermera jamais de porte, mais qu'il se sent plus porté vers les gros salaires de la grosse ligue présentement. Je crois qu'il va bien s'amuser avec Luck, qui n'est pas un imbécile comme Cutler.

CC needs to be a head coach and hire a guy who has the DC style similar to his. CC drove me nuts last year with lack of time management that lead to losses. Here we see it again. A few areas to improve upon like don't take the option to kick a field goal in OT when the other teams kicker is hitting 45 yd kicks and longer in the game. And our D wasn't stuffing them in the 4th quarter.

I wouldn't hire him stall this year unless they win no games.

Which time management issues did they have last year? I do not recall any. Only atrocious playcalling on offense and the occasional embarrassing ST play.

well I suggest that CC needs to move on and I have always believed that BT is in WAY over his head. I am not sure that he/they accomplished much in the off season Also, the real-time game decisions are embarrassing. (eg: kick a FG at 3 min + with the expectation they would get 2 TD's. I mean really??????)

Yeah i questioned the field goal at that point as well. The D did make a nice stop, and allowed the offence another shot. All was a little too late though. :cowboy: