Marc Pilon

Homebrew Defensive Tackle apparently released by the Argos according to

Coach PaoPao must know this guy from Ottawa.

Bring him in...could use the depth :thup:

He was invisible as a starter with Toronto. Zero upside to bringing him in. Not going to happen.

why pay the big salary for negligible if any upside over our current backups?

His last name sums up both his pass rush and run stopping abilities.

rather have tim fleizer back

I would like to see what he could do on the O-Line. His brother is a pretty good OT with Calgary.
Leo Cahill once said he could take any big lineman and make him into an offensive center...but Leo was known to exaggerate once in a while.

Maybe the reason that they're playing like the Renegades is because of all the former Renegades no thanks to Pilon we have more than our share.