Marc Pilon Released

i personaly dont think itsa big loss... wut about u guys?

The guy was just a warm body we needed last year because we had injuries to starting D-Linemen. He would have been cut in camp anyway.

I was looking forward to watching him this season. With the limited playing time he had last year he really tore it up. :o

Where Getting Young that a Good Thing..
not a Huge Loss..

im just happy to get gardner back, he killed the two pre season games with us and was cuit for quinnie.. lol wut a mess that guy was.. on kick returns i had to bite my tongue and climche my seat because i was afraid of a dropped by everytime.

Pilon has the added value of being able to long snap. I always wondered why he didn't try the O-Line as a center. His brother is a very good OT with Calgary so the genes are there.

who cares?