Marc Megna is a maniac

I read in this morning papers that the knee Marc Megna injured last season got infected during the winter and the guy had to spend about two months on a bed. Thoughts were he might have the lower part of his leg amputated!

These were depressing months for him, as he is being described as an hyperactive guy.

When the infection healed, Megna decided he would be ready for the opening of the season: he trained THREE times a day, SIX days a week for FIVE months without any break.

These days, he made the training camp without even wearing protecting gear on his knee, and he’s running and jumping everywhere like he needs to spend all the energy he didn’t spend while he was in hospital.

That guy’s a freakin’ maniac. I wouldn’t want to be a quarterback in any team but the Als right now, for fear of being decapitated by him.

Hats off to Megna.

I have to admit I would love to have this guy on my TiCats roster. He is someone who just plays football all out and loves the game. He reminds me of a guy I played high school football with, one heck of a crazy guy who wanted to hit anything and everyone in site.

Hope he is alright but has bad games when he plays the Cats.

I think he’s one of those players everyone would love to have on their team, (me included) but despise him and call him dirty when he’s with the oposing team.

Good story Third

Having Megna back healthy again is going to give the Als the same aggressive defense that dominated the league the first half of last year! (with a coulpe of secondary changes) He has always had the work habit and workout routine of a maniac.

Anwar Stewart says Megna gives the whole D unit its drive, because he’s relentless, and nobody wants to quit - not even for one play - when there’s that mean machine going on beside you.

I agree and it’s the same thing off the field, where Megna leads and pushes several Als players in very hard workouts, he is a Leader.

That’s nothing - remember that American figure skater who got a bruised knee from an attack from Tonya Harding’s goons? She actually skated, like a month after recovering from that bruise and even got a silver medal!


Seriously, it sounds like that guy is dedicated. That’s a pretty cool story.