Marc Megna CUT!!!!!!!

It looks like Marc Megna is about to be cut from the Als. An interview with Jim Popp says he is still with the team but it is just a matter of days

Source, please?

RDS website:

This is a shocker. The Gazette is reporting that Megna is now 'undersized' for the rush-end position according to Matthews. I guess they're moving away from speed and quickness at the position and looking for size and strength. Hopefully we can get something for him in a trade. I'm sad to see Megna go. Funny that Popp himself said that our defence wasn't the same without him last season and yet here he is about to be released or traded. Good luck, Marc!

It occurs to me that it might not have been a bad idea to give Megna a look see at MLB. He's the right size for that spot, has the lateral speed, and the brain trust seems to have lost faith in Kevin Johnson....but I guess they're going to go with this Garrison fellow.

he's welcome to join the Esks!

Can’t see how the Esks would use him. Jeanty and Montford are pretty terrifying rush ends. Megna’s too small to play nose-tackle. And I have a hard time seeing Megna dislodging A.J. Gass or Singor Mobley in the linebacking corps. He might be useful in Calgary – a 3-4 D puts a premium on speed and quickness to the ball.

MadJack, I agree about trying out Megna at MLB, but you know how The Don operates. It seems like once you fall out of favour, your fate is sealed.

I was just thinking last week how he should be a MLB... afterall he WAS a MLB in the NFL and college. THen I find out KJ is injured and I thought.. how PERFECT! But no. He gets enched and we sign a rookie as MLB! CAL ISE!

Apparantley Garrison torn a quad muscle in BC, so we'll see what that means next game.

it's now official:

Alouettes release DE Megna


Jim Popp is a great GM, but I think its a bit stupid from him to announce that such and such player will soon be traded or released. He did that with Michael Jenkins. Now he does it with Megna.

Why in the world would a team offer anything in a trade if they know the player will be released shortly? They can just wait and make an offer to the newly free agent.

Popp should put them on the trading block, and then find a reason to add them to the suspended list. This way, they wouldn't use a roster spot while not being available for talks with other GMs.