Marc Megna CUT

It looks like Marc Megna is about to be cut from the Als. An interview with Jim Popp says he is still with the team but it is just a matter of days

If that happens, he won't be unemployed long. Someone (Hamilton, Ottawa) will scoop him up.

With his long girly hair he'd fit right with Westwood in Winnipeg. :lol:

It not that long
Actually he is a model in the off season. And I would like to see you tell that to his face.

On a side note did you read about what he went through in the off season to overcome his knee injury?

In a nutshell he had to wear an antibiotic IV taped to his back to fight off multiple infections.

I remember that article. He has heart!

What did he do to pi$$ off Mathews?

Too bad. I would give him more chance to get on shape. They could try him as LB. It's a crime to get rid of an athlete like him.

The Als defense hasn't been the same this year yet and Megna and perhaps Kevin Johnson are getting the blame it seems with the secondary. Kevin Johnson might sit against BC.
Jim Popp doesn't wait long to replace players who ask for too much money(Copeland) or who's skills are slipping. That's the Als philosophy,and that's the key to the Als success. Don't hold on to your players too long. And Popp always has a good replacement player ready.
I wish they would keep Megna and Vaugn and maybe Johnson as great veteran backups, but Montreal doesn't spend money like Edmonton, Toronto etc. yet. They only spend the money on starters.

This is too bad but football is a brutal business, actually pro sports is brutal. But all these guys know this when they get into it, basically you are a piece of meat that when you can't perform any longer at a high enough level, out you go. And us fans are partly to blame as we all want our team to be winning, not much you can do.

let's see the Bombers no longer have 'gorgeous' Robert Gordon ,former model etc. .. Im sure Wpg. could find a spot on the roster for Marc....long as he can still model....

Thats for sure papazoola, if there is no other interest in the league for his talent, he can come play for us…seems we have a knack for picking up discarded player’s,and hoping they turn into gems