Marc Dile?

As a Bomber fan what can you tell me about Marc Dile? Is he any good, a legit starting RT?

In answer to your question......Dile was here for 3 seasons and was the starting RT in his rookie season in 2012. He was injured for around half of the 2013 season and lost his starters job to Joel Figueroa,but he did dress and start for 9 games. Last season Dile was on IL for most of the season,but did dress and start for 4 or 5 games I think. I predicted that your Bombers would sign Dile,in him you have a very steady and reliable player who has started 28 games over 3 seasons as a Cat. The only concern might be keeping him healthy as he has spent more time on the IL the last 2 seasons then on the regular roster,after being a starter in his rookie campaign. All in all it's a good pickup for the Bombers as it was obvious that with the Cats having 4 import O-Line already on the roster that there was going to be no room for him here this season. IMO if he stays healthy he should crack the starting lineup with the Bombers this season.

He had a nickname of "Turns-Dile" for a while, and was good for a couple of ill-timed Procedure penalties per game. Unfortunately he was injured more than he played, so due diligence must be given. I know that it seems like I'm bashing the guy, but he developed into quite a good Tackle.

Agree with all of this. The last thing you want in an offensive lineman is to notice him. And he got noticed a lot in his first year or two with us. But he did get better, and is now relatively unnoticed. But yes, he was also injured a lot.