Marc Cohon. Get Some Kahunas!

I posted this earlier in another thread, but I hope Cohon sees this headline and reads it.

Quit acting like a scared rabbit Cohon. Take the NFL on head on. In CAnada its your inferior. Its not as big as the NHL. Which you have been able to coexist with.

Find ways to assure sponsors the first few years of the NFL in Toronto. Look to expand to new cities. Look for ways to pump the ARgos up against the NFL.

We're not talking a hugely popular sport in this country. The NFL has pockets of fans, but the CFL is still bigger.

Don't go running scared. Be agressive! Because once you've kicked the NFl's ass, there'll be no more boogeymen for the media to hound the CFL about.
Then from there its smooth sailing.

But please. Don't go begging to the NFL, and don't act like a scared rabbit. Grow some balls man!

I think hes doing a fine job.Just remember this stuff is all speculation at best right now. He will be firery when he needs to be.

I think we have enough threads about the false rumour of the NFL coming to Canada. Don’t you?

I wasn’t going to make another, but after seeing how wimpy this guys looks on the TSN website video, I had to post this.

If the CFL is going to go down, it should go down fighting. Not running away.

Have to agree berezin, yesterday Mark was tough as nails on Sportsnet with Bob McCown while this evening on TSN pre game he was surprisingly soft.
What's with that.

I agree Argotom.
He should be out there circling the wagons, and developing a stratgegy to combat the NFL.
Not begging the NFL commissioners to save us.
The CFL is bigger then the NFL in CAnada. And it should use that advantage to counter act any effect it may have. Not hide in the corner and beg.

Maybe he just has more confidence in the Canadian game's place in people hearts and minds than you do.

Well, when the media every day for the last week has declared the CFL dead, this guy should be out there telling them why that won't happen. So that they will finally shut up. Because right now the big Argos-Als game is being virtually ignored by the Hogtown media. Who are more worried about the Buffalo Bills. He should be out there asking them why?

We have to go on the offensive with Cohon as the leader.

From Wikipedia

Kahuna is a Hawaiian word, defined in the Pukui & Elbert Dictionary as "Priest, sorcerer, magician, wizard, minister, expert in any profession."

Well, in any event, it couldn't hurt to get some for backing...

..I'm sure that is just what the league needs, Mr. Cohon backed up by a mostly naked guy in a grass skirt and a large carved log mask....

I'd pay to see it.

...well, it would make ESPN2, there's some coverage...

Thats right Argotom.
Because if this league dies without Cohon putting up a fight, what will we sports fans in CAnada have left to cheer for as far as our own national leauges go? Absolutely nothing.

We've already lost hockey to them. Now we're going to sit back and watch as they take away our football?

Lets hope Cohon is ready to take them on head to head, and not surrender. Because right now his league is being marginalized in its biggest market. And he's no where to be seen.

...that's because he's at the Plaza dinner in Regina...oh wait, you mean in general... impression on the pre=game....he seemed wishy-washy....he better get some balls or the nfl wannabees will eat him up....Cohon, you are working for the gotta get tough...or we'll have to bring back Wright...a guy who should have never been let go in the first place...c'mon :roll:

Talking about growing some balls and circling the wagons… Really? All this over a RUMOUR? I loved the reaction by the TSN panel tonight: Now how about we discuss some football!!!

I understand your concern, Berezin, but doesn't the fact that Canadians take to the CFL over the NFL in a serious way, even with being bombarded by NFL and media in love with NFL already, give you some comfort? It sure gives me the sense that we can have quiet confidence that we will survive and thrive. Agree that we must stand up tall and take our place but we don't have to be American about how we fight the American invasion ... at least a perceived one.

With all due respect Legal, you don’t live here in southern Ontario, where basically the CFL is despised by most of these media types.

I mean the American butt kissers in this area are disgusting. And all we get on the cFL in this area 80 percent of the time is how terrible it is, or how nobody cares.

OUt west they respect the league, so you don’t get bombarded with all this BS like we do.

But the media in this area is making this mole hill into a mountain, and Cohon should be here taking guys like Stephen Brunt and Paul Godfrey head on. Not acting all meek and mild the way he was on TV last night.