Marc Calixte replacing JM Edme as Defensive QC Coach

Well its official Jean Marc has been promoted to the front office and Marc Calixte will take over his duties.

Marc Calixte will intern as a defensive quality-control coach. He won't be paid. The Als created this position in conjunction with Football Quebec. One more coaching intern will be added,probably on offence.


If he does well they will likely keep him.

What in the world does a "quality control" coach do, and why is it called "quality control" ??

Here's a good article about Quality Control Coach position with examples

[url=] ... l-scouting[/url]

Calixte had a pretty lengthy CFL unsung special teams career and I dont think I ever fully realized he was from Laval. Dont remember the Als trying to reach out for him in free agency.

Good for him for taking an entry level position to start a coaching career. I guess it beats getting into Laval politics.

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Bien content de le voir faire ses premières armes ici. C'est un Calixte de bon gars! :lol:

Marc mes mots. Il va faire un bon coach. :lol:


Pas de doute. C'est un gars qui a donné beaucoup aux jeunes joueurs, qui a un bon leadership et dont la passion du football ne s'éteindra qu'avec lui.

Sounds like a great guy. I especially like his acknowledgment of his wife and his extended family in raising his kids while he was playing football. Too often it gets minimized but the spouses are the ones keeping everything together at home so the player can excel on the field.