Marc Boerigter was cut...

Marc Boerigter was cut by the Colts. Does anyone know if a CFL team has him on their negotiation list? or is he a free agent? And, the same applies for Jesse Lumsden?

hmmm not sure, could be a free agent

I believe the Stamps have been talking with him. This summer his wife and Marc bought a house in Calgary and stated he would like to finish his football career where it started. But I think he will hang in there for this season looking for a PR spot! Next year he just might be suiting up with the Stamps.

The "Marty Yorks" in the Vancouver media were trying to start a rumour a few weeks ago that Wally was going to go after him. Right now all I've heard is wishful thinking, nothing solid.....but stay tuned.

Boerigter started camp with the Packers, and was cut ofter the first preseason game. Now, the colts cut him too ? He had a good couple years with the Cheifs, what happened to him ?

Marc told Jim Barker if he comes back to play in Canada it would be his adopted home Calgary! But you never know! Marc got injured playing with the Chiefs and never got his job back. Apparently he is healthy but he is in that price scale in the NFL that puts his career in jeopardy. No one wnat sto pay that high for a receiver that is not in the starting line up. It is okay when he was in his first two years but the salary climbs while you are in the league! So his situation has priced him out of being a backup or PR player.

Wally and Bob O'Billovich gave him his chance in the league when nobody else wanted him so I wouldn't count the Lions out if he comes back to the CFL.

Did you read my post I guess not! yes you could be right if his option for Calgary is not there. But then again Marc contacted Jim Barker and they have had on going dialogue. :lol:

If he wants a chance of winning the Grey Cup this year he'll go to B.C. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really :lol: :lol: We will see now won't we! I remember many on here said Calgary was going into their toughest part of the schedule 2 back to backs with Montreal hmmm we know what happened there! The Esks have a good team and their record does not do them justice but the Stamps did a good job on them labor day! They have beaten down the riders. They have not played BC since early in the season when thats face they could not be the Tiger cats. But I think you just might be suprised. :lol: But before talking GC we need to fix the playoff spot and then win the playoffs so no GC talk for me yet!

Thought I heard he was finished, bad knee injury, for a guy that tall that is usually not a good thing.

Well piggy for a guy with a bum knee he has been a late cut at two different teams! read my post above I think it has more to do with his salary scale and that he is not first string in the NFL that hurt his chances of sticking with a team.

Knee surgery has apparently made him much less effective than he used to be. The local pundits were even questioning whether the Stamps would actually want him back now.. personally I can't see not giving a guy like this a chance, if he were actually in a position to come back here.

C4l, His knee has a clean bill of health no problems from what JB said. Reporter from the Colts on the 960 stated it was primarily his salary level that would make him lose his spot and that it maybe difficult for a fill in type of receiver to be paid that much to play in only a few plays a game. The Cap puts him at a salry level teams are reluctant to pay! The report was from ESPN.