Marc Boerichter to the Lions???

Anyone hear on CKNW noon sports the story that if Boerichter doesn't work out with his current NFL teams, Wally wants to give him a try-out here.

Wow Clermont and Boericter.

Calgary posters, does Calgary still hold his "rights"?

I heard about that. Clermont all the way. :rockin:

He would have to be free agent after all these years if he's cut from the NFL. I would think that could only happen to a guy in his CFL option year to remain property of his previous CFL team. He's been away longer than one year.

He was deadly in Calgary,good hands and hard to stop once he started upfield. Would look nice in a Lions jersey,but is there room for both Clermont and him? Maybe time to draw up a new offensive formation. Innovation wins championships.

That would be some awesome receiving core:

you said it! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Who has Boerichter been playing for? I lost track of him after he left.

the chiefs and packers

He signed with the Colts.

Thanks BCfan, I lost track of him after the Packers.

Still was fun wishful thinking though!

You’re welcome and it’s not a sure thing that he’ll make the team, player’s that are picked up that late have trouble making the team.

He didn't make the Colt's so.......