Marc Beswick

Has his role changed this year?

A regular among top special teams' tacklers, he led the team and league in 2 of the past 3 seasons, but this year, after 13 games, stands tied for 8th on the team behind Harris with 16 STT, Gainey 9, Landry 8 (in 7 games played), Daly 7, and Gascon-Nadon, Butler and Plessius with 6 each.

His career STT numbers:
2008 (WPG) 1
2009 (HAM) 20
2010 " 21
2011 " 27
2012 " 17
2013 " 24
2014 " 5

No he is just not the only player we have on ST today doing well

True, Marc is also the second oldest player on the team. I imagine he has been very helpful in assisting with the coaching the ST

As mentioned by Ozzie on last night's Ticats TV live, when he coached him he was the only player, when tested, to know 100% of the time what his responsibilities on each special teams play were, and in fact, scored higher than some other players did when he was tested on their responsibilities. = He knows what is happening on each play - where each player is and what they should be doing.

Besides he is the only Ticat who has a perfect 100% passing completion percentage, plus every pass he has thrown has gone for a TD. (btw it was a fake FG attempt last year. Can't remember the game, just the play...poor memory happens when you get older :wink: )

Hey Mike, I have an equally shaky memory, but didn't he run that fake FG into the end zone? I thought the holder flipped it to Beswick as he came through the play behind the OLine and then he trotted in untouched around the right side of the line.

My memory is very similar, except that I think Marc then threw a pass to someone (I think it may have been John Delahunt) for the TD.

Pretty sure Fantuz was the holder - not our usual holder that year - and flipped it to Beswick, who was running across just behind the line.

Yes CFiO, that’s exactly right. And it was the game in Moncton against Montreal.