Manziel worked out for TiCats last week

The John Chick trade is starting to come to light. It was to dump the salary in prep to sign Johnny.

A few weeks back Bob Young mentioned big things were happening. Right after Jones signs, Austin steps down, Chick is traded, sign Briles and the end plan was to land Johnny Football before labour day.

Anyone else think Jeff Reinbold is happy now that he was fired

Why would we sign another human reject? Bob Young...step in now and stop this continuing madness. Did you not learn from the Briles debacle??

Nothing wrong with trying to make the cats GREAT AGAIN. Management is trying hard to bring a winner, I will continue to go to the games, wear black and gold, as long as we are trying hard to put a winner on the field.
When management gives up, only then will I give up.
I go to the games for entertainment not to preach ethics, like some of my fellow cats fans. :-\

Ethics is what separates people into two groups. Those with compassion and those without. Without ethics we have anarchy, corruption and moral bankruptcy.
Not what I want in a team I support.
Poor judgment and lack of ethics just burned the want more by signing physco Manziel?

I had forgotten but I do believe that both you, and Bob, are right. Big things did happen.

Manziel’s skills aren’t even close to the amount baggage. Frankly I’d rather stick it out with Zach if this is what is coming down to. Johnny football isn’t a pro level QBh

Lennywasout, Even Johnny deserves a second chance, if he has learned from his mistakes.
We are liberal Canada,we rehabilitate, we don't simply lock up and throw the key away.

In this case he's had multiple chances and failed as a human being multiple times! I don't want him in Canada let alone on the Ticats. Spend the money on Franklin as a free agent. At least he can spell CANADA!

So why don't you tell that to Moronziel's ex girl friend then ? But you better speak loudly when you tell her due to the fact that little Johnny A-Hole slapped the woman so hard that she lost hearing in her one ear . I'm personally sick and tired of all this talk of us possibly signing this bad man and of the misguided and uniformed few posters on here who actually somehow think that it would be a great idea and how they actually think that this little puke would be the elixir to all our problems .

Here ya go GAGE read it and let it sink in . You talk about 2nd chances ? How about umpteen million chances for Johnny Rotten ? EFF EM !!!! we don't need this piece of human garbage anywhere near this country , this city or our football team .

God there are some morons who post on this sight who honestly don't know sweet F-All about football
or anything else for that matter . Rant over !!!! pass the Tylenol .

I agree with Lenny on this one 100%

Did I at anytime agree with Johnny's actions?? He did some very bad things.
Society can either help people like Johnny or leave them alone, to repeat their actions. Of course, capital punishment can be reinstated and and kill off all criminals.
Please take a few Tylenols, calm yourself down. Don't hurt yourself. Thank you.

He is a product of the American College system where bad behaviour is tolerated to win games. Let the Americans rehabilitate him. (Oh...they've tried but no success!!). Keep him out of my community, my country. We don't need his baggage here.

Knowing Manziel's despicable, tainted personal history, I don't understand why the TiCats would even CONSIDER giving him a try out. Austin stated it was just a look-see with no plans of signing him AT THIS TIME!!!

Why even consider him? Did they not learn anything from the recent coaching hiring/firing PR fiasco?

What is happening with this once proud franchise???

The "At this time" remark by Austin is what worries me most . It implies that the team is actually considering and/or has interest in signing little Johnny Shithead at a later date .

It's honestly getting to the point with this club that they might as well change the team name from the Tiger-Cats to the Brown -Egades . One part Browns , one part Renegades. Mix it all together in a blender and you come up with the most embarrassing absolutely WORST Football franchise on both sides of the border . Ladies and Gentleman here are your HAMILTON Brown - Egades !!!:-[ :o

The article says that they worked him out last week, which was before the Briles fiasco. I suspect it was probably a package deal, bringing both of them in together, which must have been in the works for a few weeks.

There's baggage, and there's baggage. The team has brought in other players before who brought baggage. Some have worked out, some not. But nothing like the baggage that these two bring.

They weren't just considering him he was going to be here now if things with Briles went as planned. Reading things from the NFL sites you can read between the lines to know what the exact plan was. After the backlash of Briles this he isn't ready yet was a quick way to throw this on the back burner for now and save face.

Now with the rumours of Zach being shopped and salary dump of Chick. This was a setup to clear the way to bring in Johnny Football. This was the master plan for weeks and it is a pathetic plan at that. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures though. I don't understand it why bring in a guy with a ton of baggage (drugs, alcohol, commitment issues, beating women and a love to party) and very little skill for the pro game that will command a big salary. I get the idea over the past 10 or so years the end goal isn't to win ball games and Grey Cups. It is to put and keep bums in the seats.

I guess the million dollar question is really is who all thought this a fantastic idea? Is there really that many people that make a ton of money, supposed to be extremely smart and make good decisions for the team who said "wow this is a great idea fans are going to love this we are amazing." How the heck did they sell this to ownership?

Because in my opinion, Bob Young allows himself to be led around by the nose by Mitchell and the other idiots in his management team. There is no moral compass in this organization.

Maybe, just maybe, following the Briles mess, in which Young wasted a lot of money (Briles was reportedly paid a large singing bonus plus there was money spent in recruiting Briles and probably an additional penalty in voiding the contract), maybe Young will grow a backbone and provide some leadership, common sense and discipline to this organization.

Being a competent CFL owner involves more than signing every cheque that is shoved under your nose and allowing yourself to be cowed into uninformed, regrettable decisions by the very management team you are supposed to be leading.

A number of people on this Board have been screaming for Manziel!!! How did that work out? I guess these people know not much!!!

While I do not want Manziel in Hamilton, I do understand why they worked him out. You have to get an idea of his current skills & how he's dealing with the off-field stuff even if your plan is to trade his rights to another team so you can determine what you can expect to get in return.

What exactly do we have to lose by signing Manziel.
We would have control of him for 2 years(1+1), the 2nd year as a club option because it would be his 1st Contract in the CFL, We could drop him with no commitment, salary or salary cap wise at any time if it didn't work out.
Manziel is a huge talent with some self induced baggage to overcome, which is the only reason he is not in the NFL right now.

We again lose our integrity by signing a drunk, druggy, domestic violence, party boy who would be a pariah ...another PR nightmare... why do we want to import this type of person into our country? This kid has had numerous chances to rehabilitate and has not. He's had enough chances. Go after Franklin instead.