Manziel worked out for TiCats last week
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JUST IN: @Ticats worked out ex-#Browns QB Johnny Manziel in Buffalo last week (via @TSNDaveNaylor & @FarhanLaljiTSN)

The Ticats put Manziel through a series of physical and medical tests during their bye week on Aug. 23 and 24, coming away convinced he’s not ready to resume his professional career.

“Too many red flags,? said one source.
Hamilton's contingent in Buffalo included head coach June Jones, vice-president of football operations Kent Austin, general manager Eric Tillman, assistant general manager Shawn Burke and team president and CEO Scott Mitchell. The group left the session with the understanding that they would not be pursuing Manziel at this time.

Thankfully he wasn't in shape and a bullet was dodged

YUP, 10 foot pole should be in any discussion when the subject is Johnny Manziel at this point in his life.
He is not serious in continuing his football career if he was not in shape...come on, i was even in shape at his age and i was not a professional athlete.

Well boys all the speculation can end now you were right! But they did work him out in Buffalo a serious look so I was right about that! what about Griffin the 3rd ?! Or the QB who won't stand for the USA anthem ?!

RG3 would last 3 snaps behind our O-line with his injury history.

Well after yesterday at least these guys have heard of the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

Damn. If it was Austin and Tillman doing the evaluation and said he was no good...surely he will become the greatest QB ever to play in the CFL ::slight_smile:

For what it's worth

"The group left the session with the understanding that they would not be pursuing Manziel at this time."

"According to a source, the Ticats plan to keep Manziel on their negotiation list."

So not coming any time soon. But perhaps someday - unless his agent presses the issue and asks for a contract.

On the lighter side:
The Ticats asked Johnny Manziel to show them what he's got. Not what he's got out on the field, just what he's got hidden in his suitcase, in his pockets, ....

And now this

Source: TSN report on Johnny Manziel partially dead wrong
Posted on August 30, 2017 by 3Down Staff // 0 Comments
TSN issued a report that the Ticats worked out Johnny Manziel in Buffalo last week, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio states that details of it were erroneous.

[i]The [url=]TSN[/url] report regarding the CFL’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats and quarterback Johnny Manziel is partially right, and its’ partially dead wrong. Yes, the Tiger-Cats have given Manziel a workout. But, no, they haven’t decided that he’s not ready to resume his football career, due to “too many red flags? or otherwise. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Tiger-Cats remain extremely interested in Manziel, and the team could still sign him. There’s much more to the story, which may or may not come out. For now, the fact is that the Tiger-Cats have a very positive attitude toward Manziel, and new coach June Jones and others in the organization feel very strongly about signing him to a contract. That may happen in the next week or so. It may not. Either way, more details about what’s been happening behind the scenes between the Tiger-Cats and Manziel could emerge in the coming days.[/i]
That seems to hint at Johnny “Canadian? Football becoming a possibility.

Too many coulds, mays, may nots, mights, might nots, etc. Until it's decided and the decision is made known, it's idle speculation. Personally, I don't want to see him with the Ticats.

Call me negative all you want, but this team just leaves me with no confidence right now...we are interested in Manziel of all people

RG3 I am game, Kaep I am game...Johnny Football, no thank you.

3,2,1 until I am called worst fan in the world lol

M-I-C-K-E-Y....M-O-U-S-E !!!

Hey Scoobie !!! He looks in terrific shape.....for a Dog !!!

How the Work out ended.....exclusive footage !!!

No longer follow NFL on a regular basis, but my initial reaction is, so what?

Just what we need, more negative media attention. With all the underlying rape, domestic violence, drugs, and alcohol messages attached to stories pertaining to the Ticats lately, the Ticat brand and it's "family atmosphere" message has been (understatedly) hurt; I may be wrong.

When weed becomes Legal then we will definetly take all the kicked out NFL black listed !??? "A second chance "

If Manziel agreed to participate in this Ticat workout, that means he is interested in coming to the CFL. And the fact that Mitchell, Austin, Tillman and Jones were in attendance at this particular workout (even though some other players were there, too) means that the Ticats are very interested in Manziel.

All of this "red flag" talk is probably Hamilton's way of trying to lower Manziel's salary expectations when the time comes for the Ticats to sign him.

This is a chip that Hamilton will play before next season. Either we will sign him ourselves, or trade his rights for another asset. You can take that to the bank.

Another certainty: Collaros will also be traded or released before next year.

I think this red flag is a quick cop out as more controversy would've followed had he signed. If the Briles thing went as planned he would be signed right after Briles was introduced

x2. I'm in full agreement with you.

I think yer absolutely right . It was all part of the master plan to "Make the Cats Great Again" :-[. THANK EFFING GOD it didn't happen !!! I sometimes think we'd be better off with Larry , Curly and Moe running this organization or is that dis-organization ? :o