Manziel tryout with Ticats last week leaves team uninterested

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Manziel has worked out with the Tiger-Cats (3) times the last month.

They worked Manziel out in Illinois first and latest in Buffalo. They even discussed terms of a contract.

RGIII was also rumored to be in the mix and have heard that they had a deal in place to trade either Manziel, Collaros, RGIII, to Saskatchewan.

If Johnny Manziel wants to kick start his pro football career, he may need to do it in Canada. But even in the Canadian Football League, he might not be able to find a team willing to take on his baggage.

Manziel worked out last week for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, TSN reports. But the Ticats came away thinking Manziel isn’t ready for a return to pro football.
Too many red flags,? a source said.

The Ticats were interested enough in Manziel that new coach June Jones joined several high-level team executives in traveling to Buffalo to meet with him. But at the end of the meeting they agreed that they weren’t going to take a chance on Manziel. They reportedly didn’t think he was in good enough shape physically and didn’t think he was ready to be the face of their franchise off the field.

Jones has been trying to shake things up in Hamilton since becoming the head coach in the middle of this season. But he saw an attempt to hire disgraced ex-Baylor coach Art Briles blow up in his face, and it’s not going to work out with Manziel either.
A 2014 first-round pick of the Browns, Manziel started eight games in two seasons before Cleveland cut him after the 2015 season. He hasn’t played anywhere since.

[ltr]#Ticats not convinced Manziel is in in game shape or that his off-field regiment consistent w/ some1 dedicated to pro football. #CFL[/ltr]

More interesting that this meeting is that this team clearly wants to move on from Collaros. Will be an interesting off season again in the CFL. Right now the Riders have more breathing room. They are playing well with KG and have a good prospect in Adams behind him. No point taking on that ridiculous contract this season. My guess is only way Hamilton can get something for Collaros this year is if they eat most of the contract.

Can anyone blame the team for wanting to move away from an underperforming player who is the highest paid in the league?

I'll blame the team that picks him up :wink:

Some were right mad at the Argos for allowing Collaros to walk away, but after all these years, i'd still take Ricky Ray over the ineffective and often injured Collaros.

And funnily, the Argos could still end up with Collaros for a lot less money than had they re-signed him all those years ago and had moved on from Ray.

(Not saying I want Collaros back in double blue)

IMO, the Argos should have retained Trevor Harris, and as a Cats fan I would have preferred Harris over Collaros but what is done is done.

I agree, but when Harris' demanded he become the highest paid player in the league, the Argos let him walk.

Had he asked for a reasonable salary and the Argos let him walk, then I'd be mad.

Harris' - at the time and arguably still today - didn't deserve to be compensated more than Reilly or Mitchell.

..I find it interesting that once a team (Ham) works a player (Manziel) out, gives him a legitimate and honest try-out and then walks away from him saying 'nope, this is not going to work out', the team still maintains the players rights on their would seem fairer that once the no-go decision is reached that the player gets tossed back into the available pool again for another team (Sask) to work him out...

Johnny Manziel's Fiancée: He's Not Giving Up After Failed CFL Workout

It seemed to be just another normal night out for Johnny Manziel on Tuesday -- despite reports that he got the cold shoulder from a CFL team following a workout last week.
Johnny, his sister and his fiancee, Bre Tiesi, hit up Catch in West Hollywood for some takeout -- hours before news broke that Manziel had a private workout for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.
According to reports, the Canadian Football League team passed on Johnny -- with one source telling TSN there were "too many red flags" with the former Heisman Trophy winner.
Manziel is not giving up -- according to his fiancee. When we saw Bre at the Mayweather fight over the weekend (after the workout) she told us Johnny was doing "great" and continuing his football comeback.

That was my exact thought when I read the article.

Works for me , let the other guy named Jones have a crack at him ;D

Who says sask wants him.? I don't think there that desperate

What they actually said is, "Nope, he's not ready right now." Basically that he wasn't ready to get back into football. They left him on the neg list because they still believe he has the potential, assuming he gets back into shape and keeps his nose clean.

[The] Ticats were not convinced Manziel is in in game shape or that his off-field regiment is consistent with that of someone dedicated to professional football.

Where is the obligatory outrage from the usual suspects? Oh that's right, it is all reserved for only one team who decides to try these outside the box shallow.....

I really hope he signs with Tiger town for huge bucks.
That will keep them in the basement for another 4 years.


It's funny cause it's true.