Manziel talk a negotiation tactic?

What if, and honestly I don't know, that super great praise from Austin and Jones about Menziel ("Best collage tape, "best CFl player ever") was a negotiation tool.

I always thought it was very strange when Jones said those things to the press before a contract was signed. You would think with his knowledge and experience he would know better then to say such things this early in the process.

Could it be that they are trying to fish-in another team into a trade?

if you're going to take that tack, it's probably more of a tactic to get Masoli's price down

Good point. It could very well be that.

I have also been wondering if we have no intention of signing him. Just looking for leverage. After the PR nightmare of 2017 I also found it strange that we were hitching our wagon to this guy. Doesn't seem like a June Jones or Kent Austin type.

I fully expect Manzeill signing to be announced by Sunday