Manziel signs with TiCats
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Made the decision today to sign my contract with the CFL and further my football career after a long break. Very grateful for everyone that’s been supporting me along the way. I believe this is the best opportunity for me moving forward and I’m eager for what the future holds.
7:41 AM - 19 May 2018

Ok, this could be very interesting.

The media circus is all now heading to Hamilton's training camp.

It will be interesting to see how he does ... and how the other players react to him.

For the good of the CFL I hope he does well.

I think that sums it up perfectly Earl!

Let the fun and media frenzy begin!

Look, I wish him well in camp and in life. Masoli is a big boy and is used to competition, in fact as a high level player you want to be pushed as this gets the best out of you if you're a real competitor. But I wouldn't be surprised if Manziel gets traded at some point.

Hey Pat, I bet McMaster, well the city of Hamilton for that matter, is happy as there will be more media than usual on the campus and it'll be more press for McMaster with images all over Canadian and American television.

From what I hear, Bob Young has the starter's gig all but sown up. Manziel and Masoli will be battling for the backup position.

Would love to see BOB take a sack...just one would be great

Manziel in the CFL has all the makings of a great, feel-good comeback story of a down on his luck athlete, while at the same time is has all the makings of a CFL train wreck and PR disaster.

Hoping for the prior.

As long as the TiCats keep him out of the Hamilton nightlife it should be ok. Hmmm, let me think about that, is there a Hamilton nightlife though? I'm too old and basically just stick to the house in the evenings. :wink:

Oh, and make sure he doesn't know how to get to Toronto because, yes, there is quite a nightlife there from what I hear. :slight_smile:

Actually, Hamilton doesn't have much of a club scene for its size. Kitchener is much smaller, yet has a very big club scene.

I think we know Johnny well enough by now to know that he would likely go up the QEW to Toronto for their VERY vibrant club scene.

It's going to be a interesting training camp in Hamilton .

It does create a little buzz in southern Ontario and creates conversation about the CFL .

So if it helps the CFL if only short term exposure it's worth it in hype value .

Now it's up to Manziel to put in the needed effort and discipline to make it a longer
conversation .


Vince Young number 2, come on down! Johnny WoManziel just made Johnny's season! This is awesome!

Bobo must be thrilled! :slight_smile:

Manziel needs to work on his "touch".

"Dang, I should have brought me GPS! Where the heck is Hamylton?"

You need to change your name here to Johnny Football Slayer. :slight_smile:

I honestly hope he gets cut. My Ticats have let me down by signing the biggest douche in the world - or at least North America!

Poor Vern

3 and 0 as a starter. Can't get a break to even become primary backup.

I am quite excited for this in terms of what it'll bring to the CFL if he manages to see the field. If he succeeds great, more exposure of the CFL. This guy has a huge following and it's set to get even bigger with his partnership with Barstool Sports, essentially we're going to (hopefully) see a larger 18-25 demographic taking in games when he's in town and maybe once they show up they get hooked on the product and not just Johnny. Tired of the negativity, let's see where this goes!

The sad part of this whole signing is that IF Manziel succeeds, his NFL background will get the credit (none given to the teamwork and coaching Manziel receives from the CFL) and IF Manziel crashes and burns, his background of odd behaviour will get the blame.

The NFL and its media machine won't ever acknowledge that the CFL is a very tough league to succeed in, no matter who you are.

Regardless of which way this goes, the media attention to the CFL - MIGHT be a positive thing.

Since Manziel has no CFL experience at all - I don't really see how he could do better than 3rd string. Even if he has a great camp... it's nothing like playing against a real opposing CFL Defense.

....I don't see Manziel coming into this league thinking back-up...Will be very interesting to see how well he actually does in our game....Lots of exposure for the CFL down south now

Exactly. Manziel wants to start.
This is going to be very interesting.