Manziel Out of Luck

Apparently JM will not be playing in the AAF either:

ROUGHLY:If Johnny Manziel’s plan was ot play in the AAF, he may have to change them.
Manziel’s rights belong to the San Antonio Commanders, but General Manager Daryl Johnston doesn’t want to risk signing a problem player like Manziel.
Johnston confirms that all the teams in the league share the same opinion.


Johnny Privilege, meet your new identity, Johnny Unemployment.

Impressive… This is a new league trying to get some eyeballs and butts. They publicly send him on his way… Surprises but I guess sometimes there is justice and common sense.

Was also brilliant that San Antonio kept his rights. This way Manziel’s agent and accomplice can’t go shopping around with the other teams.

Thats wat you call KARMA


Maybe McMahon can put him in a Tutu and sell some tickets.

I do not believe what RDS wrote that accurately represents what Daryl Johnston said.

To me, all Johnston is saying is he likes his team (would you expect differently?) and is waiting for the league to approve/disapprove Manziel’s eligibility before making a team-specific decision.

If I let my imagination run wild like RDS did, I could instead take his comments to mean that the AAF is superior to the CFL as that league values team chemistry. He is obviously pointing out that the AAF does not cut players in the middle of the year because the date of his full year’s guarantee is coming up soon.

Best of luck to Manziel in whatever he ends up doing.

Time to move on now I say.

Not really the tweeker’sfault that Andrew and Gazoo, gave the farm away for him.

I think they more took the lead of Don Harris’ tweet (local TV sports Director) and perhaps followed up with him for additional comment/clarification … Johnston sounds (IMO) like someone trying to be “politically correct” and not say anything that would suggest the decision has been made before the league dots the "I"s and crosses the "t"s but has no interest in a “self-inflicted” distraction … but time will tell.

He keeps talking about how he does not want a Manziel ruining his team…

Evidently, he is not out of luck. However, there are only 4 weeks left in the season. I don’t blame San Antonio or any of the top teams for not wanting to mess with the team chemistry at this point but Memphis will get first shot at him and they are on their 3rd QB with only one win. It really doesn’t matter for this season but this opens the door for him to play in the XFL or the AAF next season. We haven’t seen the last of Johnny quite yet.

Just a friendly suggestion. Manziel is no longer with the Alouettes. Maybe we should talk about him in the “Where are they now thread”, or in the Manziel thread in the other leagues forum.

Johnny admits he is sick of hearing about Manziel.

Our Johnny Manziel thread was taken down.

So Memphis grabbed him up immediately. Gee, they don’t have a steady QB, they are last in the league and their uniforms are red and blue…kind of sounds familiar.

So I gotta ask ya Fiddle of the Sea, have you signed up on the AAF Memphis Express fan board yet ? I hear that if you sign up that it will bring the membership up to 5 . ;D

I was thinking the same thing.

They play tomorrow, then again in six days. So at best he can play two games, but like you say, a pretty desperate situation as it was here. They are averaging 12 000 fans, it will be interesting to see how many people they get the last home game considering they will be eliminated, so whatever extra butts in the seats, most will be there because of the guy.

I guess the guys running the league got overruledby the guys losing their shirts.

It was moved to the “Other leagues and entertainment” thread.

Actually the Express might have more fans than Montreal (Now) There were 384 comments on Johnny the first hour. Not surprising because if you use twitter and instagram as a measure Johnny probably has more fans than the CFL and everbody in it. The thing to like about the AAF is that they actively work at showcasing their players to the NFL… But I will just be happy for Johnny to finish the season without any new controversy… Memphis just added a whole lot of new fans.