Manziel or Masoli Jersey

This is a scientific fact based poll that will reflect your ability to judge CFL talent.

Current players only. No Casey Printer jerseys purchased from this year's locker room sale please.

If your player is gone by week 5, we'll, then enough said.

Is there a sale at the Cat store for Johnny jersies today?

NEVER put any name on your jersey thats not your own or a hall of famer.

Interesting, only 1 person admitting to a Manziel Jersey purchase.

He must spend a lot of time running around and taking different seats at the stadium. Easier to find than Waldo, for sure. But what the heck, if you support a player, be proud, wear the sweater, won't get any hassle from me.

Personally I just think most of them ignored the troll thread. But that's just me.

I bought one happily and proudly at the time, now I am obviously frustrated. But, the Ticats gave me $100 gift card so I'll take that. Better than nothing. I'll have a good collector's item for the future at least.

Exactly. Two sweaters for $300, a good deal.

Unless it's also the name of the teams host city... like Brandon Hamilton (2000-3) Ticats DB

I still have my Dave Stala jersey and would still wear it no problem. Hahaha

Stala kicked ass. No shame in having his jersey. Wear it proudly. :slight_smile: