Manziel joins Burris in select company...

QB's Shut Out in First Career NFL Start (Modern Era)

2014 Johnny Manziel (Browns)
2010 Rusty Smith (Titans)
2003 Dave Ragone (Texans)
2002 Henry Burris (Bears)
2000 Spurgen Wynn (Browns)
1997 Danny Wuerffel (Saints)

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CFL soon for Johnny Football? Hey, I hope he has a long successful NFL career, all the best to him. It was a bad start but can only get better from that one I'm sure.

I think Johnny Manziel is another in a long list of players that built up a celebrity and brand for themselves in college and had success come too easily. Then once in the NFL they expect things to be handed them and don't know how to put in the work to be successful, instead walking around with their entourages. RGIII, Tebow for instance. I suspect the same for Jameis Winston. And I don't expect any of those to ever come CFL bound because they'll continue to play off their NCAA brand after they bust out of the NFL.

Sort of agree. I think Manziel is another example of a player suited to NCAA play where raw athletic talent can overwhelm opponents, but neither talented enough nor disciplined (play and preparation) enough to succeed in the NFL. Manziel is so unstructured that in comparison he makes Doug Flutie look like a classic drop back passer.

Tebow shouldn't be included in the above list. He didn't expect things handed to them and didn't want celebrity status. The media just fed off his christian views. He had a strong work ethic as well. You didn't see Tebow running around making the money sign in front of the camera every chance he got.

He's also big into charity work. ... ng-players.

I agree with Tebow it wasn't his attitude or work ethic... " HE WAS BLACKBALLED FROM THE START" his NFL win/loss is 9-7 with only Denver ever really giving him a chance to start. No one else even gave him a chance even before the combine and before he even left college .

Manziel is a great example of someone being over hyped by the media....
as far as winston is concerned he is still a little immature hopefully he will grow out of it and go on to a great career and leave the silliness behind

I only included Tebow because his mind is so fixated on his glory days as a college QB that he wouldn't entertain a position shift which a number of coaches wanted to do with him. He sees himself as a starting NFL QB right now and won't accept anything else, including extending his playing career in the CFL to try parlay that into another shot at the NFL. If he was willing to do whatever his coaches asked him to he might still be in the NFL, who knows. But for off field stuff he's certainly in a much higher class than RG3, Manziel, or Winston.

I believe the Ticats have his CFL rights

That idiot Manziel gave every D-line in the league more incentive to crush him with his little money hand's going to be a long couple of years for little Jonnie Pipsqueak, lol!!!

Manziel...the NFL's answer to Bieber :stuck_out_tongue: Both are arrogant,self centred no talent overrated CLOWNS :thdn:

OMG! I think I just pee'd myself! ROTFLMFAO@bobo8224! Always enjoy your photos and memes sir!

:D [b]THANX MR.LUCKY :D As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words :)here's a few more for your enjoyment !!!! [/b] :cowboy: :lol: :cowboy: :lol: :cowboy: :lol: :cowboy:

Spurgen Wynn also played in the CFL for the Lions, Bombers and Argos.

I remember the game with Henry. He wasn't ready for prime time. His CFL numbers weren't even very good at that point.

Yup Burris's one and only start for the Bears was the last game of the 2002 season vs the Buccaneers which ended in a 15-0 shutout for the Bucs to finish off a Chicago season that saw them drop to a season ending record of 4-12 after going 13-3 the season before. Burris was most definitely "Bad" Hank that game,but in his defense that entire Bear team much like this years version was God Awful all season long. In case anybody is interested I've listed Burris's stats for that game below:
December 29/02 Tampa Bay at Chicago
H.Burris...7 completions/19 attempts/78 yards/36.8%/0 tds/4 ints/30 yds longest completion/qb rating of 10.3
.............4 rushes/14 yards/3.5 yd avg/longest 5 yds/2 fumbles lost

Here are Burris's stats for the entire 2002 season with the sum it all up in two words...God Awful :thdn:
H.Burris...18 completions/51 attempts/207 yards/35.3%/3 tds/5 ints/45 yds longest completion/qb rating of 28.3

Only in the NFL :roll: Johnny "SUCKS" Manziel...What a freakin' JOKE :stuck_out_tongue: :thdn: