Manziel Jerseys

Just spoke to the Ti-Cats store and they said if you purchased a Manziel jersey and you have proof of purchase they will give you a $100 gift card for the store.

Don't buy a Williams or a Westerman just yet. And maybe be a little cautious with a Banks?

Isn't the jersey itself......proof of purchase?

Well if you wear the jersey in every day for a week you might just have $700.00

good point

LOL . No need to worry about buying a Williams jersey if you were silly enough to actually buy a Manziel jersey . All you'll have to do is just change the name plate on the back as looking at the updated roster it lists Williams as our new #2 . Oh and as for Westerman ? Well if you happen to have an old Stevie Baggs #55 jersey lying around then you're also in luck with a simple name plate change .

Maybe a good idea with the way players come and go these days would be to just make the name plates with Velcro on the back of them.

Or maybe Dry-Erase.

With the help of a creative seamstress, perhaps you could remove the "ziel" and add " ......what a waste of money"

I warned all my TiCat friends NOT to buy a Manziel jersey...I don't understand why the trades took so long? He was never going to stay in Hamilton.

My fiancé is pretty happy because he just bought a Masoli jersey.

I can’t believe how many people bought a backup QB jersey, with no guarantee that he was ever going to play and if he did, it would have only been in garbage time or if Masoli was hurt. This has been Masoli’s team since Jones got here.

If we had traded Masoli and kept Manziel, would my fiancé have gotten a refund on his jersey? You take a risk in the CFL with player jerseys.

The way players come and go, I would never use a current players name and number. Stick with the greats from days gone by.

  1. How right you are !!

I have been saying that for years now, stick with the name and number of one of your old time
favourite stars such as....Coffey, Barrow, Fleming, Zuger, Bethea, Viti, etc etc !!!

Ticats should just order in a ton of Montreal Manziel jerseys. If you bought a Ticat one you'll probably want a Montreal one now.

Manziel jerseys will be relevant 20 years from now even though he never took a snap.