Manziel Jersey T's on clearance: $4.90.

I’m getting one. So many memories. :wink:

I wouldn’t wash my truck with it! ::slight_smile:

The only part of that Jersey that is any good is the #2 as in the 2 first round picks we get for him! :wink:

I’ll pick one up just in case I ever run out of toilet paper . :stuck_out_tongue:


They drop the price to $4.90, but not $4.20? Clearly misjudging the frame of mind required to purchase one of these.

Well it is necessary for a #2. :wink:

It would be a steal if it was an ACTUAL jersey instead of just the t-shirt.

I would rip off the name and replace it with CLEMENTS. ;D


i might just get one anyway…

The guy is no longer permitted to ply his trade in the CFL but teams are still permitted to earn revenues off his name. Shameful.

“2” funny!

uhhh… at $4.90, I don’t think they are making anything on them… in fact… they’re probably taking a bath.

It was not said “making anything on them”. Every $4.90 sale is revenue earned. (off the name of a permanently expelled player)

Ah … but do we know if Johnny Football still gets a cut? The guy is a marketing maven after all.

Safetyblitz is throwing down the gauntlet for post of the year, in May no less!