Manziel in the CFL

went on line to see if he is worth all of the hype. Naylor says if he has matured he would be great for the CFL.

Here is some game clips of him. He is very quick and fast

Doesn't look like he has matured much because the judge wants to see him back in his court room as there are accusations that he's breached every condition in his plea deal. Why in the world would you want to reboot an organization with a character like that ???

This team needs to create its own stars but its tough because the NFL poaches them more and more every year.

Popp was minutes from taking Tebow back with him to Montreal. He had his bags packed in front of the door and a phone call came in and that was that... I think there are better options than Tebow. Maybe the CFL has to do like the MLS and hand out special permissions to sign select players without incurring penalties. It worked for them in Montreal and Toronto. Maybe the CFL needs to do the same. Would the rest of the league really cared if Toronto spent a million bucks on a QB like Kaepernick ??? Would it really change the balance of the league ? Personally I don't think so but there will be some in the press that will get the natives all angry I suspect.

The success, long term success in the CFL has always come from developing your own guy behind an established QB. BC is set with Jennings, Calgary developed Mitchell and the Argos certainly have shaped the QB landscape in the east developing young QBs. I really liked what I from Fajardo. Give him another year behind Ray with Trestman. Getting a 'name' from the states has rarely worked out.

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Comeback is real: Johnny Manziel has re-hired agent @ErikBurkhardt after Burkhardt had him make serious commitments,

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Johnny Manziel, serious enough to get Burkhardt to take him back, is drawing real interest from teams at the Combine,

DALLAS -- After missing a court-ordered deadline, Johnny Manziel appeared before a judge Tuesday and promised to meet the stipulations required to get the troubled quarterback's domestic violence case dismissed.

The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner said he doesn't want to disappoint Judge Roberto Canas, who warned that he or a jury could decide Manziel's fate if the deal reached in November is revoked.

The 24-year-old Manziel faced a misdemeanor charge that carried a penalty of up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine after he was accused of hitting and threatening former girlfriend Colleen Crowley during a night out in January 2016. The judge said he called the hearing because Manziel missed a deadline for an update on the progress of meeting his conditions, including one that requires the former Cleveland Browns player to work through the NFL or another agency on a substance-abuse program.

Asked by the judge to explain how things would be going forward, Manziel said he responded quickly when attorney Jim Darnell told him the judge wasn't happy.

Since that day everything's been going extremely smoothly and my life is trending upward," Manziel said in a 70-second statement. "I don't even want to let this get anywhere near the rabbit hole that you were describing. I'm taking this responsibility. This is helping me get my life back together."

Manziel said he was slow to get the process started in part because he was hesitant to work with the NFL. He said the involvement of the NFL Players Association, which administers the league's drug program, also slowed the process.

After the hearing, Manziel responded to questions with brief answers as he was leaving the courthouse, saying he was "keeping all his options open'' about a possible return to the NFL or another pro league. He said he was working out and hoped to be in an NFL training camp in July.

In his first meeting with Manziel since the agreement was reached, Canas had stern words for the quarterback whose party-boy reputation hastened a quick demise in the NFL.

Canas told Manziel he would probably get probation if the case went to trial, but that there would be "another dozen or so" conditions beyond the current stipulations.

Besides the substance-abuse program requirement, Manziel has to stay out of trouble for a year along with completing an anger management program and attending a domestic violence impact panel. He is also required to stay away from his former girlfriend.

"Not everybody who comes through here gets this kind of opportunity because right now you are in charge of what happens to your case," Canas said. "I would hate for you to miss out on the opportunity that you've got right before you."

If you are in CFL marketing and this were to happen, do you hold regular season games in Halifax, QC, England, St. Louis or where ever to showcase the CFL product? I think the marketing opportunity would be BIG.

Like him or not he will draw fans and I suspect he will spike attendance in the CFL during away games and on TV far more than anything else we could do. If he winds up in Toronto and the rest of North America has their eyes on TO than the people in the city will take notice

Ricky Williams, Dexter Manley, and many more.

Druggies, Drunks, and other types of bad guys.

Johnny football might just fit in.

As a Browns fan, I'd have to warn ya against it.

That guy is nothing but trouble.

By not abiding by the conditions of his court order, Manziel’s CFL career is over before it started. If he was truly committed to his rehabilitation he might have deserved a chance. Now that window has slammed shut and I doubt any CFL team would touch him with a ten-foot pole.

When asked yesterday about Manziel, Marc Trestman gave a curt response that he didn’t know anything about him and never saw him play (Trestman said he doesn’t watch College football). I highly doubt that the Argos have any interest in Johnny Druggie/Drunk/Wife beater, etc.

Hahaha. Trestman said that hey? That he doesn’t watch college ball? If true ( which I doubt) he wasn’t kidding when he has always said he wants nothing to do with personnel matters at the GM level.

Actually when Trestman was asked about Manziel at the presser my impression was that both his body language and his curt response was basically saying that he didn't want nothing to do whatsoever with the likes of a Johnny Manziel for his football team.

I personally can't for the life of me figure out why some on this forum think it would be a great idea and great for the league if this douchebag moron actually was signed and played in the CFL. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

There is no point to bringing this guy in. Would take valuable time and resources the team can't spare and if he had any success he'd leave for the NFL.

This is a non starter. Trestman isn't going to let Popp waste any time with Johnny Mangina.

At this point I would not even regard Johnny Manziel as fool's gold. A team would be beyond foolish to deal with him. But he's far from the first college player built up by the media even before he was broken down after breaking down himself even before playing in the NFL. And the build-up by the likes of ESPN is always more when the player is from the Power 4 conferences (the Big 12 does not count any more in my opinion) they feature for college football such as especially the B1G Ten, the SEC, and the ACC.

don’t disagree but the league needs to broaden it’s reach at home and in the US and when they can get a big name they probably should sign him. Wouldn’t more people watch ESPN if Manziel was playing? There would be league increases in attendance, TSN viewership and sponsorships with him than without him.

That certainly didn't really work with Ochochino and Michael Sam. :oops:
More gossip was created south of the border than hype for our League

The way Sam was introduced was such a farce, this guy just wants to play football and pop held the most ridiculous presser to announce his signing.

So Hamilton releases the neg list today and Manziel is on it. Then the TiCat General Manager states that he would be a star in the CFL and the CFL web site carries a story about it.

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will we see him in the CFL and is something brewing.

Hmmmm. So you think more ppull in Canada would attend games and watch on tv just cuz Johnny Manziel signs with a CFL team? I don't know one way or the other but I strongly suspect it would have little to no impact.

Manziel is a spoiled rich kid with zero pedigree in his chosen field yet you think Canadians would support him and pay money because of him? WAIT!!!!!! Considering who we have as our PM I think you just may be right about this.

Sponsorships? I'm trying to think of which companies would be interested in sponsoring the CFL just cuz Johnny Manziel has signed a contract with one of the teams. Not saying it can't, won't or couldn't happen, I'm just struggling with trying to think who might want to pay money just cuz of him.

For the record if he signs with a team in the CFL then all the power to him. I will await the results and pass judgement then. I mean only an idiot would resort to name calling and personal insults based on a guy wanting to try to extend or continue his football career.

Lost respect for Tillman with his ability to recognize a player's intangibles above the physical .

Manzeil was on Hamiltons neglist before Tillman or Austin got there.