Manziel: Football career 'in the past' today

I believed you Vermonter!

That and the fact that he never bothered to learn the playbook....
I noticed right of the bad that he was constantly calling audibles(Had an argument about this before)....Why? How can someone who has 0 CFL experience be constantly changing the plays that are sent in to him? How can he be reading Defenses so well so quickly that he knows the play wont work?

Simply because he did not know what the play was that was called


Ya...that was funny. If he was to play it straight and learned the game he would have "owned" Montreal.. His talent and style was undeniable.

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I think Johnny thought he was too good for the CFL. But it turned out the calibre of the CFL was too good for him.

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I thought Manziel had a great skill set that would be well equipped for the CFL like Flutie. But the X factor would be in the head not the body.
The fact that June Jones wouldn't even let him on the field even to a short-yardage sneak in 5 games told me something was wrong.
Then he goes to Montreal and Sherman announces he'll play a certain amount of plays set out for him on the first week. Again nothing.

The young man was a hell of a college QB but almost everyone knew he was too small for the NFL. Then the fame went to his head.

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Because he was not ready because he never bothered to learn the playbook

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