Manziel: Football career 'in the past' today

Johnny officially calls it quits. No kneeling, just whats to move on. Now, where are all posters that said he was one of the top five best QBs ever? Would rip up CFL. Actually not many but a few did!!
Very glad it's over.

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Manziel a flash on the pan.

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Amazing how the CFL welcomed Johnny with wide open arms after he allegedly smacked around his girlfriend and had numerous incidents with the police, including a brawl started by one of his buddies after throwing out racial slurs.

Yet say anything negative about the LGBTQ and you are cut immediately.

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Yet his contract was terminated due to a violation of league policy which I don't believe anybody knows.

Somewhere, Sea Fiddle is shedding a tear. . .

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They still took a shot knowing the baggage he brought.

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...watched a video awhile back where a guy broke down JM on field check downs and reading D's and it was obvious he was not able to play at the higher league levels...all that college luck rolled for a bit I guess...

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No....his contract was terminated because HE violated the conditions of the agreement that allowed him to play in the first place. He was given another chance to honour those same conditions and refused.


I'm not sure if I remember the nickname we gave to Manziel was. Was it "Johnny Taco" ?...Yeah I think it was. ...Anyway Johnny Taco sounds fitting.

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Who? Do you mean Johnny Footnote?

This Browns fan told you that he would suck. Few believed me, but I knew exactly what he was.

Well Said! Thanks

I have to admit his pro career was a bit on the surprising side to me. His college stats were too good to think he would be such a flop in the pro ranks.

Everybody thought Manziel would be a great player if he just kicked his party lifestyle. Well, there was this pretty major issue of him never showing any signs that he could ever become dedicated enough to be called a professional quarterback.

I say that his off field antics is a disgrace to any team that he plays for. There was rumor that the XFL might have picked him up and thank God that they passed on that. While no man is perfect, they should at least be someone who you would want your kids to look up to and aspire to be like. They are roll models.

The XFL also passed on Kapernick. That's another dodged bullet. I wouldn't lose a single night of sleep if that Marxist never played another day of professional football his entire life.

Warren Moon (former Eskimo) came to the Houston Oilers when I was a kid. At the end of his career there his wife came out and he was found out to be an abuser both physically and mentally. It broke my heart that here was this guy that I looked up to and he was a beast. I never followed football again until the past couple years when I discovered how awesome the CFL is.

Now... I just have to pick a team to follow..

VERY WELL SAID!!!!! THANKS You can pick any CFL team all good !!!
BUT please pick BC, the others cheat!!! LOL. Cheers!

I've never understood why football players or any professional athlete need to be a "role-model".

Ironically the only player , in my mind, who is a role model is Kaepernick.

Generally they are not role-models just average folks.
Until they are rock stars or movie stars, then they know everything.
Just ask them.

I suppose it is the same reason that probably every kid knows who Tom Brady or Kim Kardashian is, but none them have heard of Jonas Salk?

Oh I know WHY the famous are labelled as role models. Just never accepted the validity of it.