Manziel Concussed

Not playing Sat.
3DN currently researching how to make this Manziel’s fault.

It was his mistake. It was a bone head play. QBs should not put themselves in that much danger, especially on a struggling team with no bonafide backup.
A huge risk to his career goals

Surprised Johnny hasn’t developed the slide yet. Come on Johnny don’t use your head.

How is that a sideline concussion protocol allows him back into the game but then he’s not allowed to play the next game?

Is the sideline examination flawed?

No, it's not the time of the examination he passed, his symptoms started the next day which is not unusual when someone suffers a concussion.

That makes sense - He certainly looked fine on the sideline.

I think Marshall Ferguson said it best last week. I believe it was:

"Brains don't do standard timelines."

According to all actual sources, he passed the sideline tests with flying colours. That'd doesn't mean he didn't have a concussion, it meant there was no evidence of one.

The armchair neurologists can say all they want after the fact, but sometimes concussion symptoms don't show until weeks after the fact.

It showed his fearlessness and it also showed his penchant for taking foolish risks… I’m sure they’re going through how to slide or not take a hit head on with him…

Manziel will not slide, or avoid risks, even if Montreal tells him to. After all, Manziel is basically in the CFL now just so he can create a highlight tape of himself that’s impressive enough that an NFL team might invite him to camp in 2020. Playing safe won’t result in a highlight reel that makes Manziel stand out.

I would disagree as to the reason Manziel won’t avoid risks.

He is small for a NFL QB, and has shown to be error prone at that level. He would be better off showing that he has learnt to slide and avoid risks.

He won’t because it’s not in his nature. He is a risk taker.

Well Johnny did say it was like running into a brick wall . I guess he just found out that they hit just as hard in the CFL as they do in the Big Boy League that he hopes to go back to someday . Hey Johnny , a little advice for time Slide !!! . It might not make the highlight reel but at least it won't scramble your brain or take you out of action .:o

For those that might've missed it here is a replay of what exactly happened on that run by Johnny to the goal line . :oJohnny may I introduce you to Mr. Brick Wall !!!

The same traits that help make Reilly and Lulay heroes deserve ridicule and scolding when it’s Manziel.

8)How right you are dork !! Amazing, how very true your statement really is !!

Manziel can do no right at all, ever, coming from some of these so called experts !! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Both appear to be bigger than Manziel, and Lulay consistently misses games due to injury. Regardless, would not describe either as a hero.

Good point OMD and bigger quarterbacks also can get concussed, stating the obvious.

So if you were coaching Johnny, what would you tell him?

a) Hey Johnny, that was very impressive how you ducked your head and ran full speed into a defender who was waiting for you and perfectly positioned to hit you head-on. Keep doing that!


b) Hey Johnny, from now on please think about sliding rather than taking a direct hit. Your health is more important than the extra yard or two you might make by ploughing into defenders. We need you in the line-up, not on the injured list!

I'm thinking he's been playing QB long enough that this isn't the first time he's had to think about that type of decision.

WE love Manziel.
WE love Collaros
WE love Kent Austin

Obviously you guys have never watched Johnny play very much. JF is an excellent slider and he slides all the time. (He is a baseball player) He did a great
slide for a first down only a few plays before the hit at the goal line. JF never tries to run over people and always slides with one exception… when he is trying to cross the goal line. He would have had to slide at the 1/2 yard line… I’ve never seen any player slide at the 1/2 yard line.

Yup, it’s really just a case of unfortunate timing for JM with a defender right there to stop him like a wall. Unfortunate and as much as I’m not a real JF fan with his talking about the CFL is just a little step to get back to the NFL and all that, I hope the young man recovers from this hit and fulfills his football dreams.

Just unfortunate for him but hey, that’s how life works as we all know.

Sure JF would like to go back to the NFL. So would every other QB in the CFL if they had an offer.

Manziel is in his first year in the CFL. Do you think that Mitchell, Reilly, or Ray thought they were going to have a career in the CFL the first year they played in the CFL? I don’t think they did. I think they hoped the CFL would lead them to the NFL. Manziel thinks the same thing at this point. JF may well get back to the NFL but I think he is going to be in the CFL a lot longer than he or many fans think. Who knows…He could even end up with a career in the CFL.