Manziel "banned" from the CFL!

I was rooting for Manzel based on the media generated. It was good for Montreal, the league and if Manzel continued improving his play, it would be a win for all. I believed Manzel when he said on several occasions he was committed to the cfl for 2 years. Well from all the media coverage, comments from his agent and his tweets he wanted out to play in the us. Mr football your word means nothing, which reflects who you are. Karma is a bitch. POS. Or it’s simply could be he hates the stupid, humiliating, embarrassing logo created by idiots as much as I do.

Different situation, same result. I can’t help but think of JaMarcus Russell when I think of Manziel. He’s a total washout, showed poorly at the pro level, apparently has or had substance abuse issues, and is now out of football after a short career and plenty of opportunity. Although, I guess Manziel might get another chance with the AAF, XFL or FFL. He’ll likely be a washout there, too. But, I suspect that like Russell, he’s really only in it for the money, and failure doesn’t really matter as long as he gets paid. He’s just gaming the system.

so much for the next doug flutie

Wetenhall and Reed made that trade knowing full well what Manziel’s contractual obligations were. You can’t penalize Hamilton’s management and fans for this.

Also, the claim in the Montreal media is the condition Manziel broke was relatively minor NOT A FAILED DRUG TEST. That brings into question Ambrosie’s decision making was it worth at this point pulling the contract instead of monitoring the situation? Because the “CONSEQUENCE” is that maybe that Amrbrosie’s action is what breaks the camel’s back in Montreal.

Unfortunately because the league is not transparent. Fans are left to speculate.


Ambrosie is not divulging the nature of the condition(s) JM violated.

Per 3DN:

“I was informed that Johnny had failed one of the conditions that we had set for him to be in our league. We informed the Montreal Alouettes of that breach of that condition. I can’t comment on those conditions. We didn’t announce those connections when we brought him in and we won’t talk about them now,? [url=]Ambrosie told TSN[/url].
Seems quite honourable of him. But since this is a discussion board, I think we as fans are free to speculate on the conditions. A few possibilities:
  • Never did learn the correct words to O Canada
  • Wasn’t flossing regularly
  • Kept texting during movies
  • Refused to use real maple syrup on his pancakes
  • Too much Fortnite!

Fortnite is decimating some of our young guys on my team… One actually showed up late and with his PJ top monday. Sometimes they don’t show up at all.

He agreed to have lithium tests as the agreement with the CFL. Perhaps he stopped taking them as part of his medication and he was given the boot. It’s possible he might have wanted out of the CFL to go play in the AAf or XFL and was looking for an out.

Good luck Johnny Football. We hardly knew you!

Except that the media has no more information than we do and the Media loves to Bull S@@@

It was announced that Manziel was given options and the opportunityto stay and play He refused them, that tell me he did not want to play in the…He did not want the world to see that if he sucks in the CFL…….

Because IMO
Some things are none of the fans business

Ya gotta figure that the AAF is ready to sign him.
Thats likely wat CFL terms he broke on purpose.
I Suspect The NHL Hurricanes Owner wanted a big name draw before he agreed to completing his 250 million dollar AAF bailout.
Johnny Football must be the guy & he will be paid upfront by The Carolina owner.
Just speculation

No…he was under contract he could not play anywhere else

If it was that simple, any player can just go sign a contract with another league, theCFL will kick them out, which is giving them permission

Well one rumour has it that…

He was caught at the same strip mall as his buddy Kraft was . ;DHolla Holla for fifty nine dolla !!! ;D

I think you are missing the point. He’s suggesting that whatever obligations Manziel had agreed to he broke on purpose hoping the league or the team would cut him allowing him to make his deal down south.

…I thinks ro’s response is to that point exactly…if all it took to get out of your CFL contract was to violate one of the terms and the CFL simply dismissed you then we would see disgruntled players doing this all the time…

…only speculation, but I think he broke a term in his contract that was serious, one that you wouldn’t do just to get out of a contract…ie - the civil/criminal penalty for the serious offence is greater than simply losing an employment contract…however, the absence of a corroborating event (like an arrest) doesn’t support that speculation…

…which makes me wonder then, was the offence relatively minor?

…let’s assume, given JM’s past drug and alcohol issues, that one of the conditions was to remain sober, and someone provided the league with evidence that Johnny was partying hard in Cabo…would that warrant immediate termination of his contract? Seems pretty harsh (to Montreal primarily)…

No I get that… and I agree with it What I am saying is that signing or talking to another team cannot be the condition that he broke

It would not even have been a condition in the first place

Its hard to say what is an what is not minor with out knowing what the conditions were and which was broken…, a condition is a condition no matter how minor or major

And don’t forget, the Comish gave him an option(s) to remain in the league and continue playing…He refused them

It didn’t give the league much choice

Did he fart on Jim Popp’s poutine?

Johnny Football now has 2 amazing options:

  1. Big Brother


  1. The Bachelor

Kato Kaelin welcomes you to Big Brother, Johnny F

Tony Marinaro - Montreal radio’s low-grade imitation of Jim Rome (himself a low-grade imitation of a journalist) - is saying as soon as JM got Montreal he started receiving texts that JM had not changed and that he had in fact taken his partying to a new level … Marinarois BFFs withDanny Maciocia … Tony takes every opportunity to bash the Als and even cited DM’s comment after the trade that likely only two Eastern teams would make the playoffs as somehow evidence of elite CFL expertise.

Got it!