Manziel "banned" from the CFL!

The CFL has informed the Alouettes to terminate Manziel’s contract. The CFL will not allow any other team to sign him.

Lasted a year longer in the league than I thought.

The AAF beckons.

The Ticats must be laughing their arses off! They win the Manziel trade big time.


…where’s the TMZ evidence?

Question is, how many people will fall for the next great NFL-washout/CFL-saviour hoax?

Every year or two there is another one. And every single time, some people buy into the hype. (This time is different! somethingsomething* Doug Flutie!") And almost every time, it does not pan out.

A la prochaine!

Wonder what he did?

So worse trade ever?

Ranks up there with Etcheverry/Patterson for Faloney/Paquette

I suppose now that for the next month half the posts will be about this guy again.

At least we won’t hear from the Manziel “fanclub” anymore…

Maybe if the League mandated the release of Manziel, they should have an annulment of the trade between Montreal and Hamilton. Montreal gets their draft choices back.


A certain play-by-play guy over at TSN will be gutted!

I look forward to RB’s “reflections and memories of Johnny Manziel” over the course of the 2018-19 season.


This is sooooo wierd.

What happened?

Local sports radio in Sask were suggesting he may have wanted out of contract, and that any breach of his contract agreement with Cfl could be means to cancel contract. They stated whatever the issue was, the CFL did offer guidelines to remain, but Manziel declined. His tweet didnt sound too upset about the situation and he even mentioned opportunies down south.
I think Aaf is his only option, as Xfl has stated that no one with domestic abuse history will be allowed to play. We will see if they stick to that.

That league will be owned by a guy who also said that he will have a “rigorous” performance enhancing testing in his other business, and that didn’t turn out to be true either, so i wouldn’t hold my breath

Ambrosie informed all of its member clubs that the league will not register a contract for Manziel should any franchise attempt to sign him. But Ambrosie isn’t completely closing the door on Manziel returning to Canada.