Many uninformed people didn't have access to Grey Cup

Just talkin to several people online and in my area.

Many of whom don't have a TSN subscription. They were unable to watch the game. A lot more people than you would think just became NFL fans thanks to this ridiculous setup of having the NFL easily accessible to everyone, and forcing people to order channels just so they can watch CFL. Sorry CFL but this is one battle you're not gonna win. I don't care what the TV deal is with TSN, the fate of the league is going to rest on younger viewers and you are losing all of them when they see the NFL is on a main network and the CFL is not and it makes the CFL look bush league and I hate it because I know the CFL is just a major a league as the NFL.

This really has to change going forward, I knew far too many people that were simply unable to watch the game for the fact of not having TSN.

Please. enough with the Bush league comments.

if two people don’t want to fork over a few extra dollars so they can have TSN, that’s their problem not the CFL’s.

many tv providers have TSN included with the base feed and don’t have to pay extra.

if they want to blame anyone blame their tiny little no name TV provider who won’t include TSN as free viewing.

clearly they’re not big enough fans of the CFL to really do anything about it.

you can be the biggest football fan out there but if your limited income does not allow you to pay for TSN to watch CFL football then you become an NFL fan as those channels are provided in basic cable whereas TSN is not .
many people that I personally know chose only basic cable because of their financial situations.

who out there doesn't have TSN free as part of their service?

My basic channels include TSN with my provider sounds like an east problem, complain to your service provider its not TSN's fault, if BELL chooses the CFL for that station and Rogers wont provide it as basic cable deal with Rogers.

If the so called twentysomething and teenager want to watch it on the net there was several free live feeds on youtube and of course illegal websites. No excuses for those who really want to watch the game.

bowl450 wrote: you can be the biggest football fan out there but if your limited income does not allow you to pay for TSN to watch CFL football then you become an NFL fan as those channels are provided in basic cable whereas TSN is not .
WTF? If you're a big football fan, you walk in your neighbourhood and watch kids practicing on a local field. What does TV have to do with it? Nothing, you like football, you like football, tykes, 3 downs, 4 downs, CFL, NFL, American, Canadian whatever. Your comment makes absolutely no sense to me as a true football fan. :thdn: I'm a CFL fan or NFL fan even if all the games are on private pay per view, it's irrelevant how it's televised. If I can't watch either live and I need live, I'll go to my local high school and watch players hitting and running and passing and kicking to get my "live" fix. You either love the game or you don't. In the future I wouldn't be surprised to see just about all pro sports on some sort of pay per view, special subscription to be honest. Then what will you say? And we have a thing in today's society called the Internet where you can watch replays for free basically immediately after the game. Ever heard of the Internet?

Even the Canadian government doesn't televise the Vanier Cup, which has far more teams playing for a national championship than the Grey Cup, and it's more "culture" as some would say because it's amateur. Like the CHL and Memorial Cup compared with the NHL and Stanley Cup. The Canadian government televises neither, Vanier or Memorial, even though as I say some would argue amateur sports, more grassroots, is more a part of Canadian culture than any pro league could hope to be.

So when the CBC loses the NHL which is going to happen IMHO, what are you going to say then? If the CBC wants the Grey Cup and CFL, then they better pony up and put their bid in next time.

I dont... I get sportsnet only and have to buy the sports package to get TSN. I am with Shaw in Hongcouver. Well actually Burnaby

First of all any young sportsfan within that 18-34 demo will have TSN. They will also be those who are going to the sports bars to watch all kinds of sports and these places will have TSN. It is afterall the biggest sports network in Canada.
Absoultely nothing wrong with TSN broddcasting every CFL game.
The only thing that I would consider that could be changed is to do what ESPN does with its ABC partnership for NFL Monday Night games. In the local markets in which the two teams that are playing, the ESPN broadcast will be shown on an ABC over air affiliate networks.
For the Grey Cup for example this year, the TSN Broadcast could have been shown on a Bell Affiliated over air Network in Calgary and Hamilton.
I am guessing that these uninformed people were not in the 18-34 demographic but in the older demographics.

So I guess you havent seen the effects that the foreign temp work program has had on youth unemployment? People in that age range dont even have jobs... Nevermind forkin out cash for cable at 100 bucks a month.

Personally I like the idea of putting the Grey Cup on CTV. I just don’t see a downside to doing that for Bell Media and I think it has an upside of more viewers to promote all Bell media programs to. And of course it helps CTV by attracting one of the biggest television audiences of the year - including some of the younger ones who as has been described above don’t have TSN and if they like what they see might decide to splurge for TSN so they get all the games next season. That’s good for Bell.

And of course all of those things would help the CFL.

Well said.