Many Thanks to the Edmonton Elks Football Club

Was going to append this to an existing thread but reckon it deserves its own.

I am one of 20,000 wildfire evacuees from the NWT that are spread out across the land; most of us in Alberta. The people and the communities down here have been nothing short of outstanding to us sad sack refugees.

Special mention goes out to the Edmonton Elks Football Club who, early on, offered free tickets to this past Sunday’s ball game. We went to Commonwealth Stadium to collect our tickets fully expecting to be located in the bleachers or up in the sky but instead, they gave us primo tickets at centre field and 11 rows up. Needless to say we were touched and grateful for the generosity.

But, as you can see by my avatar, therein, lay the horns of a dilemma. I am a Redblacks fan but the Elks gave me free tickets. How in God’s name could I not dance with the one that brung me? On the other hand, can I be a traitor against my team?

In the end, I decided to be Switzerland and be a neutral party and just enjoy the game. It was a good one and I really enjoyed watching Tre Ford come into his own and even do the greased pig act as he seemed to slip through the clutches of the defensive linemen. I cannot explain Ottawa’s performance except to say that Crum seemed to be running for his life the whole game.

In the end, I was secretly glad that the Elks won. They really needed this home win to break the curse.

To the Eks fans, notwithstanding the free tickets, you all owe me a pint. The reason being is that every single time that I have attended an Ottawa game, they lose. I guess you could say that my curse is stronger than the Elks curse.

Thanks again Eks, for your generosity. The football game was a welcome diversion for all of us in these trying times.


Your post made my day! Such thankfulness during a time of need.
My heart goes out to everyone affected by the wildfires.


Great inspirational post Robert. No need to denigrate yourself by referring to yourself as a “sad sack refugee”. You were hit with a calamity. We are all grateful that you and others are okay.

And cheering on one particular CFL team over your favorite team isn’t being a traitor. You are a loyal CFL fan first and a RBs fan second as it should be. On this occasion you were the guest of the Elks Football Club. Why wouldn’t you want to cheer them on and even do it openly?:grin: Think of it this way. For that game, the Elks were your second favorite team. It is not that you were wanting your favorite team to lose. You were simply wanting to see your second favorite team win the game. Look at it that way and you cannot lose. :+1: