Many Surprises at camp/preseason as expected

Thought i would just write a topic about this years training camp and preseason and the many surprises we have seen, some expected, some not!!

Wild and Whacky at QB, i thought Brink had a great camp and Jyles was the best QB in the preseason games and as expected Buck is our starter, this means we are going with (1)Buck (2)Jyles and (3)Brink ---- What surprises me is the release of Adam DiMichele, i alway's thought AD would be a good QB and they should have at least kept him on the PR, but i have to admit Brink did have a better camp and preseason than Adam did, so this may be the right move or a big mistake. Either way i think someone will pick up Adam and than we'll see if we released a future starter. On a side note isn't it ironic that Santos was traded to WPG from MTL and released because of his attitude about not wanting to be on the PR, well Ricky signed with the ALS once again and i cannot see him being on the roster ahead of AC, MacPherson and Leak which means he'll be on the PR if anything ... hmmm makes you wonder. At least i am feeling more comfortable with Jyles as the backup and he showed he can play, so Buck and Jyles as 1-2 is looking good, brink is no slouch either, i expect a great year at QB.

Running backs --- really no BIG surprises here, Reid and Bernard are a great one-two punch and have experience and even though Marc had a pretty good camp and preseason i suppose going with the experienced Reid and Bernard could have been the right move as they are both dangerous in many ways, running, blocking, catching out of the backfield.

FB - Oosterhuis has the experience, Stephenson can play the spot and the new guy Sadeghian looks good but is still not a lock to make the team, we may see a surprise here, maybe the end of Ooster? I cannot see it, but who knows.

WR - The position that had the most competition in my mind, who knew that Jeffers-Harris would turn out to be the best reciever in camp? He looks great. David Ball comes in and makes the team, again who would of thought? two surprises here. As expected some promising reciever's most BB fans pegged as having great potential (even myself) are gone, the early release of D.J Hall was a shock and he wasn't having a bad camp, must be some other reason we don't know about. Both Strickland and Shelton are gone and i thought Strickland was having a better camp than Shelton, yet he was released before Shelton but either way both are gone, as is Foster and McHenry. So here we go with Edwards, Bowman, Ralph, Hargreves, Ball, Jeffers-Harris, Watson and Jabari (who is injured, could he be another injury prone player?) not sure what the injury is or how serious. Davis had experience and was cut, guess there is a reason he cannot stick with a team (see MTL, Ham and now WPG).

Oline -- no big surprises here Morley and Fritz at tackle and Butler as well, Butler is every thing we expected, he is huge and has great movement for a guy who is 6'8 and 350 LBS, the QB's have to feel good with these 3 guys as tackles, Fritz is not a small guy (6'6, 292) and Morley is pretty damn big as well (6'7, 306). There has been alot of change with the OL player's from last years team who allowed the fewest sacks in the league, i sure hope the new guys are just as good or better than the guys who are gone, we need to protect the QB. Khan, Bestard, January, Donnely and Labatte return for another year with newbies Douglas, Greaves, Medder also on the line, these three have to play hard and make a mark, all still looked great all of camp and preseason, so no worries here, yet, i hope there will be no worries. January and Donnelly are injured but Donnelly should be ready for the season opener and what a shame that January is on the 9 game IR.

Secondary had a few surprises but Johnson, Glover and Craver at CB was pretty much a lock, Craver or Glover can also move to DB if need be. DB'S and LB'S had a couple of surprises, i thought Thaine Carter would be a good player, coaches disagreed i guess, Suber and Stewart both had great camps at DB, Brady Browne had a good camp and Kent has a ton of talent (even though he is injured, but not for long). Charlton, Labbe and Lobendahn and Gallant bring experience to the LB spot with new guys Bowman, Chris Smith and Courtney Smith looking great as well. Only surprise here besides Thaine Carter in my mind was Rian Wallace, i thought he was having a good camp, but we cannot keep them all.

Cvet is on the 9 game IR, who fills in at LS, Chris Smith has taken alot of snaps and should be the LS for the time being.

Dline ----- No surprises hare as well with Odell Willis, Hunt, Dorian Smith, Brown, Oramasionwu all great player's returning for another year and we can add the Canuck Oduwole who had a good camp and Import Hopkins who has also impressed to this team.

Even with all the surprises, i strongly feel that Mack, LaPo and the rest of the staff have put together a solid team that will compete hard every game, and i would not take the Bomber's lightly if i were any other team in the league and we will push the Cats and Als hard all year and to me the East is wide open and any of the Als, BB'S and Cats (i hate to admit it) can make 1ST place and i don't expect T.O to be as crappy as many think, they will not be that good, but they should improve over last season BUT will still finish in the basement.

Nothing ironic, nothing to make one wonder. Santos was signed because McPherson is on the injured list for a time. . . so he’s third string, not pr. When McPherson comes off the injured list, then it’s time to fish or cut bait.

Where was it ever said that Ricky Santos was released because of attitude? I doubt that Rumor is true, Also DJ Hall probably would have made the team IMO but was released due to a bad Hammy injury.

Also Morely was moved to Right Gaurd to start the season, and Fritz was tried out at all spots during TC and did very well according to LAPO. even at center.

Other then that I agree with everything. Butler and Douglas seem to be some very Big strong men at Tackle who I think will do super good this year. Both will start.

IMO if Toronto was smart they would pick up both DiMichelle and Marc.

Oh, also, Glover and Johnson are the starting Corners, with Craver and Stewart starting at DB. Suber will be the extra