Many Problems Remain

Our team is by no means ready for the playoffs. With one game remaining in the regular season, they continue to get progressively worse in many areas. I know there is no need to point out these areas, but what amazes me is that problems we had throughout last season show absolutely no improvement this year. In fact, we are worse in certain areas like the "O" Line; albeit, there are injuries to contend with. It seems to me that after all of this time, some of these players would show improvement, but I'm seeing very little of that even though some are back ups and will never be anything else.

Lest this entire post be negative, I do like our defensive secondary and special teams. Last night's game would have been a slaughter had it not been for them. Unfortunately we're dealing here with a team that has no running game (at least not one that they are actually using) and a team that has plenty of problems in the red zone and shows little imagination in maneuvering themselves into scoring position.


I got 99 problems and the Ticats ain't one :rockin:

I share your concerns with our Oline as well. However, when you have experience like Peter Dyakowski, Mark Dile and Greg Wojt on the sidelines, the results on the field will suffer. As has been pointed by others, co-ordination and teamwork is essential between members of the offensive line. That's not something you can develop in a few games. Meantime, make Collaros more mobile, even having him run some to make the rushing opposing defense less of a threat.

Coach Sal pointed out a very telling statistic last night. Those teams that have an effective running attack win 86% of the games!!!! Read that stat again. It's not an error. He repeated it a couple of times during the course of last night's broadcast.

Special teams let us down in the last game and for a while last night. There was a time, earlier in the season, when the opponent's return game was not a factor. It has lately. Hamilton has to be more effective in shutting that down. We had some great returns ourselves last night. But, we could have used some of that magic in the game against the blew team.

Our run defense has been rated as the best in the league, yet it seemed rather porous in the Ottawa game. I will take that as a one game lapse??

But, we're in the fight. We got a "W".

Our defence was quite possibly worse than our offence.
The INT's were gifts from terribly overthrown balls,
Johnson was running right thru tackles for 3 qtrs before he got hurt
We gave up 25 first downs, 17 passing and 7 rushing and 1 by penalty
We gave up 138 yards rushing on 20 carries,
We gave up 305 yards passing, and
We gave up 157 return yards
We gave up 600 yards total!
Can someone explain how Carter was 20 yards behind our defence and the ball just went off the tips of his fingers in the last minute?
Has the safety blitz ever worked for this team ?
Our defence was not anywhere close to being good in that game

To me it looked very similar to that catch that got us in the first loss to the blew team. Someone with the Reds was scrutinizing the game film.

We better clean that up before next week.

All very valid points and i agree with all of them. We are going backwards defensively and that scares me more than the bad O-Line. I would truly like to see what the offense could do with a good line in front of them. I am not a Condell fan but I can't judge truly because of the bad line. Last but not least I do not care if we have injuries we should be keeping men that can step in and do the job of the first stringers. If they can't do the job then get rid of them. To me this goes to the coaching and GM for not properly stacking the team with the best. If these guys want to be first stringers they have to prove it and right now there is not a first stringer among them including the centre.

our O line has been terrible. The offense stunk.

We need quick dump off valves for Collaros to throw to when he's getting blitzed because clearly the O line can't pick up and hold the blitz.

also agre with above posters. how the hell did a guy get wide open behind our secondary with less then 3 mins left to play

I think they would’ve got smoked if they played a good team last night.

There are many problems that the coaching staff need to address especially the slow starts.

All that said here’s hoping they can keep the unbeaten record at home intact for the next few games at least!

I hear what you're saying, but where do we find good Canadian Olinemen that can start?? I haven't seen any teams willing to part with any, let alone potential starters....

Many Problems remain? I find the main problem is that people pick the team apart instead of just being happy we won!

You got that right Brother :thup:


D had a horrible 1st half with the RB O racking up 276yds. Give credit where credit is due, they tightened up considerably in the 2nd half with only 120yds (+/-) given up and the ever so important pair of pick 6s. Carter being so wide open is cause for concern as this seems to be a common occurrence of late. Ricky Ray shredded our secondary in the last two games (415yds and 328yds passing).

You're not going to have sufficient money under the cap to "stack the team with the best". You need to pick and choose where you want to spend the money that's available under the cap to end up with the proper balance of starting and reserve talent overall. That's were the best GMs earn their salary.
If, for example, in the process of allocating the cap money, you place a lower priority on the OL, then you live with what you have created.

Just trying to be extremely optimistic here but this is just a low spot on the continuim of seasonal play. Our boys will bounce back on all fronts on Nov. 8 in a big way. After that, there's no telling where they will go. Andy comes back, Grigs gets in gear, the O-line decides to play, and defense remains strong. Lots to look forward to so don't let your jaws drag on the ground, we're on the upward curve.

Perhaps that's better than having your head buried firmly in the sand up to your shoulders!

Any other team and that was a loss. Being a fan does not mean you have to pretend everything is all good. Ths team has huge holes to fix. I am a huge fan of this team and the lack of consistency and progress combined with a unimaginative HC and OC give me the right to be ticked off. I am happy we won last night but unless this team figures out how to run the ball we are doomed.

Just a reminder...after a 1-6 start, using a back-up QB (who I think grew into the job pretty well), we are 7-3 since, and you could argue that without a couple of MAJOR brain f@rts in the 2nd half of the Montreal and first Argo road game, we would be 9-1

Head is not buried in the sand by any means...we have LOTS of shortcomings, but so do the other teams...and Crompton kinda reminds me of Willey in the sense that both have started really well (though I'm not as impressed with Crompton), but the league catches up with the new guys sooner or later...

Every other team in the East have at least as many problems as we do - so I'm still feeling OK about this team. We are absolutely a long shot to win the Grey Cup - yes - but right now we have almost as good a chance as anybody to be IN the Grey Cup IMO - especially if we can get the EDF at home.

I do have to mention something though that had me laughing last night. I was watching the game and not on my computer last night until late in the game and I only reread the entire game thread after the game was over.

OMG some of you guys are glass half (or totally) empty kind of guys from the get go - who I absolutely would NOT want to watch a game on TV with nor have sitting anywhere near me at a football game. The continuous over the top negative comments would drive me nuts and go a long way to taking any fun out of being a fan and being able to enjoy the game.

This team is capable of playing lightyears better than they did yesterday!
This team is capable of beating any team in the league,I hope and feel they will have their "A" Game against MTL.
I understand where Bruce and Pat are coming from, Keep the faith everyone, don't give up on them now!

I had to miss part of the game because of work and was wondering wear Bakari Grant # 84 was, did he get hurt. :?