Many a trade in Tigertown

First trade:
SSK Gets:
17th overall pick
N/I DB Sasha Glavic
HAM Gets:
22nd Overall pick
N/I LB Yanick Carter
I WR Brandon Myles

Second trade (will only happen if J.Lee is still on the board after the first two picks) :
BC gets:
3rd overall
HAM gets:
6th overall
13th overall

Meanwhile, here is the link to a photo of Jamall Lee taking a handoff from quarterback Matt Moore at the Carolina Panthers' mini-camp today (he is in photo number 20 out of 20 photos):

[url=] ... 2a04fa173c[/url]

Im a little surprised we cant get both of their first rounders considering Wally has already tipped his hand... or lets draft Lee and look to trade him later (should he make it back to the CFL).

I dont like that trade. Can we not hold pat and do better at #1 and #3?

Look at it this way. There's about 20 good prospects and 15+ mediocre prospects. We go 3 picks later and get an extra hand on a good prospect. Then we can pick up another decent prospect with the 22nd overall.

Of course we could just draft Jamal Lee and roll the dice. Although the last Canadian running back left us a wee bit jadded it would be a shame to pass on another player who may just be the real deal.

since a lot of canadiantalent proves to be on the o-line and, as noted elsewhere, there are some decent but somewhat limited picks there this year. we took one with the first pick, and we have another waiting for us in the supp draft … we are fine with the trade to BC

I'm going to be completely honest here. This is the make or break year for the Ticats. Most fans I've talked to are impatient with the team and faith is extremely low. If we don't pull out a 6+ win season fans are going to want blood and it'll likely be the end of the Obie era. There's no time to roll the dice, we have to improve on the fly, get these vets working for us while the rookies train and when the time comes swap. Then we should be able to sail through quite a few winning season's.