Manny Sanchez

Hello Lion Fans,

I am new to BC football. Following Fresno State Bulldog Emanual Sanchez. I was wondering why Sanchez is listed on the depth chart but he is not on the roster. How has he played in the pre-season games. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to learning all about BC Football. I think you will all like Sanchez and his reckless abandon style.


I don't konw why he is on the depth chart but I know that he is on the practice roster and practice players get called up to play if other players get injured.

I am from from Fresno has a great football progarm the Edmonton Eskimoies A.j Gass is actually went to fresno state/And look how good he turned out.I think the lions should stay very close with the bclions

I read that Sanchez got released today.

I heard that as well. I don't remember seeing this guy play. Did he get into any regular season action?

I don't think so.